Veterans Party presidential candidate Chris Keniston: “We are the solution”

The following article was written by Chris Keniston, the Veterans Party of America presidential candidate, and published on on June 13th, 2016:

I was challenged to elaborate on solutions to the crime, violence and disregard for human life, currently plaguing are nation, as follows:

“If the to gun violence isn’t getting rid of guns, then what IS the solution? What’s your plan for dealing with the crime problem and the violence problem, as you called them? You’ve suggested what we shouldn’t do, let’s hear what we should do.”

The issues are more fundamental to our society than simply banning all guns will ever solve. We’ve become a society that passively watches crime and injustice, recognizes them as serious problems, but does absolutely nothing to confront them directly. In the name of tolerance, we have become a society that accepts every flimsy PC-motivated excuse for criminal behavior, rather than demanding personal accountability from the criminal.

Criminal culture is now glamorized. Criminals operate without fear of consequence in our neighborhoods because no one will call law enforcement.

Read the rest of the article at

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