Veterans Party presidential candidate Chris Keniston: “Decision-Making, the VPA Way!”

The following article was written by Veterans Party of America presidential candidate Chris Keniston. It was published on June 4th, 2016 on

Among other things, the President of the United States submits annual budget requests for all Executive Branch departments and agencies. Congress then considers these requests and prepares the annual federal budget bill. The president then reviews the bill and signs it into law or sends it back to Congress. This process provides annual funding for every federal alphabet organization…currently somewhere between 2700-3000 of them, according to the Government Accounting Office (GAO) estimates. They don’t even know for certain how many there are.

Let that sink in for a minute. The federal government’s own ACCOUNTING office isn’t sure how many alphabet organizations there are now. Doesn’t that seem like solid evidence the federal government has vastly outgrown its Constitutionally enumerated powers?

Each year, Congress and the President use the federal budget authorization bill to allocate billions of dollars for activities the American people vigorously oppose. They ensure taxpayer-funded rewards for their major corporation and special interest donors. They also take the opportunity to quietly slip in other legislation that is authorized when the President signs the budget bill into law.

It’s “how things get done” in Washington DC. It’s business as usual, for the professional politicians in both major parties.

And under my administration, it will all come to a grinding halt.

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