Veterans Party candidate Chris Keniston: “Real Problems Requires Real Solutions”

The following article, written by Veterans Party of America presidential candidate Chris Keniston, was published on on June 1st, 2016:

Time and again, some idiot uses a gun to kill people.

Inevitably, politicians and the media will attempt to capitalize on the tragedy. They will call for increased infringement or repeal of the Second Amendment… because this country has serious problems. Arguing over guns is good for ratings and it helps win elections. What it fails to do is solve problems.

Because there is an inherent, fatal flaw in their banning and outlawing logic. Depriving the American People of their rights does not solve our problems. Making something illegal does not prevent it from happening. The more tightly we restrict basic freedom in this country, the more dismally those efforts fail.

It’s almost like the American people are inherently rebellious against attempts to restrict their personal freedom. If you didn’t know better, you might think this country was born of a rebellion against oppressive laws and tyrannical rule. You might think those first Americans would have ensured that government had extremely limited powers and authority over the inherent human rights of the People. Maybe certain human rights were even specifically protected against government interference.

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