ATPR Founder, Contributor Endorse Augustus Invictus

The Florida Senate race continues to become the most high profile election for third party enthusiasts due to the rise of the Libertarian party; the Florida race is particularly interesting due to the heated Libertarian primary underway between the two Libertarian candidates—Paul Stanton and Augustus Sol Invictus. Both candidates represent two very distinct wings of the Libertarian party. Stanton represents a center-left faction while Invictus represents a more radical alt-right coalition. Thus, my endorsement decision was simple.

The future of American third parties lies in their appeal to the most disenfranchised and impassioned American voters. The centrist positions of Paul Stanton, such as mild tax and drug policy reform do not satiate the demands of the growing desire for a true political alternative to the two party duopoly. It is my opinion that a third party will only gain traction if it caters to the voters who are most active and most dissatisfied with status quo American Politics. They desire a revolution, and Augustus Invictus himself has vocally stated that he was born for such a revolution, and that is why I, Max Dickstein, along with the founder of AMThirdPartyReport, Krzysztof Lesiak endorse Augustus Invictus in the Florida Libertarian Senate Primary.

Mr. Invictus understands that the rise of Donald Trump is predicated on a discontented portion of the electorate to have an outsider candidate that stands in opposition to the ruling political class. Paul Stanton and those who endorse him such as Gary Johnson and Bill Weld appear to only want to receive scraps from the dinner table of the political elite, and that is why all three of them refuse to rock the boat and implement revolutionary change to this country’s political discourse. Of the two Florida Libertarian candidates, only Mr. Invictus seems to have any interest in implementing radical change with a revolutionary message.

At AMTHIRDPARTY, we are in the change business…we do not view our affairs as politics as usual. Although Kris and I cannot claim to speak for all of the contributors at AMTHIRDPARTY, Kris and I believe that Mr. Invictus represents our general political desires far more precisely than Mr. Stanton. Furthermore, I will add that if Mr. Stanton wins, it is an indicator that the Libertarian Party has no true desire to upset the status quo and is not an effective vehicle for political revolution. An endorsement for Invictus is an endorsement that the Libertarian party can still be an effective instrument of change and weapon against the political status quo.

~Lord Dickus~

4 responses to “ATPR Founder, Contributor Endorse Augustus Invictus

  1. Paul Stanton is a chicken
    And I love eating chicken


  2. Thane Eichenauer

    Interesting post. Interesting comment.


  3. A lot of common sense here in this article. And William Weld is the worst thing to happen to the Libertarian Party in years. He is a CFR Establishment intruder snuck into the election process very late so that they could neutralize our presidential campaign in a year that exploded with opportunities for us because so many people hate both Trump and the communist hag. Gary Johnson still might get more votes than any previous Libertarian candidate, but it won’t be because of Weld. Don’t let the destroyers of the party claim victory.


  4. I don’t support Augustus.

    I admit I was a little sympathetic to him early on, but when looking up his background, and some of the controversy over him that even made it into several of the Florida newspapers, I was turned off quick.

    Though it will not be the end of the world if he wins the LP primary down there.


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