Wikipedia article on the American Conservative Party deleted


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On July 13th, 2016, the Wikipedia article for the American Conservative Party was deleted. This is the second time the party’s Wikipedia article was removed for failure to meet notability guidlines; previously, an article about the party was removed on October 22nd, 2009. In the deletion log, one user, in favor of deleting the article, elaborated that the party had “no significant coverage in independent sources. The party (if it still exists, which is unclear) does not appear to have contested any elections, and has received no media attention.”

Deletionpedia, a website which archives deleted Wikipedia articles, shows the full text of the article on July 6th, a week before it was deleted:

American Conservative Party

This article was considered for deletion at Wikipedia on July 6 2016. This is a backup.

Notability? Template:Infobox American Political Party The American Conservative Party (ACP) is a minor political party in the United States founded in February 2008 through collaborative meetings of member groups over the Internet. The general party platform is based upon the libertarian conservatism philosophy of individual sovereignty combined with the traditional conservative form of the limited central government structure.[1]

The party is organized with state affiliate chapters through local grassroots efforts and is not affiliated with other previously formed state-only parties. The online ACP Forum is the primary source for information, procedures, and collaboration for party leaders and members.[2]

The leadership of the organization is managed through Officers and Committees with a National Council represented by the state affiliates. Four established state affiliate parties in Florida, Georgia, Texas and Virginia are represented in the National Leadership Council and hold active state and about 15 developing state chapters memberships are developing.

It should not be confused with The Conservative Party USA, a political party that fielded candidates in the American state legislative elections of 2010.


  1. The American Conservative Party, Principles Creed, 11/2012 – Principles
  2. The American Conservative Party, Forum Index, 11/2012 – Forum.

External links

The American Conservative Party continues to maintain a website; however, there has not been any new content posted on it since July 2014. There has not been a new Facebook post on the American Conservative Party’s Facebook page since February 29th, 2016, while the second most recent post is from September 17th, 2015, when the party posted a picture commemorating the anniversary of the signing of the United States Constitution in 1787. The party’s website provides a contact address in Reston, Virginia, but does not specify anywhere if the party has a chairman or any kind of leadership team.

However, the party may soon have new company in the dustbin of deleted political party Wikipedia pages. This month, a template message has been posted on the American Solidarity Party Wikipedia page, suggesting the party may not meet general notability guidelines for having a stand-alone article.

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