GQ Interview: “Gary Johnson Doesn’t Get This Whole Vaping Thing”


By Rebecca Nelson,, July 14th, 2016:

Gary Johnson needs bigger underwear.

It’s 2 P.M. at the National Press Club, in Washington, D.C., and, after he’s waxed prolific about balancing the federal budget, the weirdest thing in his Google results, and whether or not he’s ever vaped, I ask the Libertarian candidate for president if there’s anything else he wants to add to our conversation.

He doesn’t miss a beat, as if he’s been dying to cut the dry talk of entitlement reform and get into what’s really on his mind. “I ordered some underwear on Amazon,” he tells me, “and they’re too small.”

And so ends my sit-down with Gary Johnson, the former two-term New Mexico governor running as a third-party option—an antidote, really—to the two most disliked politicians in America. Though GQ asked in a 2011 profile whether Johnson was “the sanest man running for president” (he ran in 2012 as a Republican, then dropped out of the primary and switched allegiances to the Libertarians), it’s hard to tell whether he’s since lost his marbles or just likes to say weird shit to get a rise out of reporters.

Read the rest of the introduction and then the entire interview at 

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