American Third Party Report Turns Two Years Old Today!


American Third Party Report (ATPR) is marking the two year anniversary of its founding today! Thanks to our readers and contributors, ATPR has grown substantially in the past year. We are continuing our role as a sister website of the Independent Political Report (IPR), the phenomenal media outlet which initially sparked my interest in the world of third party politics.

Since July 16th, 2014, at the time of writing this post, ATPR has had 47,875 all-time views, 21,950 all-time visitors and 1,669 posts have been published on our website. In all, there have been 443 comments left below our posts. Our most popular month ever was May 2016, when we had a total of 7,985 visitors and 3,891 visitors. Our most popular day ever was February 16th, 2016, when we had 658 views and over 500 visitors.

Our Facebook page currently has 406 likes and we have 124 followers on Twitter.

Compared to previous years, ATPR’s statistics have vastly improved. In 2014, our website had 4,818 views, 1,116 visitors and we published 283 posts. In 2015, ATPR had 7,508 views, 2,704 visitors and we published 198 posts. So far, in the year 2016, ATPR has had 35,581 views, 17,771 visitors and we have published 1,190 posts.

According to the country statistics provided by WordPress, ATPR has been viewed in 110 countries. For just the year 2016, ATPR’s top ten countries are: 1) United States, with 32,573 views this year, 2) Canada, with 503 views this year, 3) Sweden, with 453 views this year, 4) United Kingdom, with 241 views this year, 5) Germany, with 162 views this year, 6) Netherlands. with 129 views this year, 7) South Korea, with 124 views this year, 8) Australia, with 123 views this year, 9) Brazil, with 110 views this year, and 10) France, with 68 views this year. (My ancestral homeland from which my parents emigrated, Poland, registered 22 views this year for ATPR).

We have 15 people signed up to contribute to our website; several new contributors have joined our website this year, including a blogger from Italy, Federico Garcia. At this point, I would like to remind all of our readers of our open invitation for anyone to become a contributor to our website. In order to become a contributor, simply email me at with your request and upon receiving it, I will send send you an invitation to publish content on our website. One of my primary goals for the year to come, going hand in hand with recruiting new contributors, will be publishing much more original content; however contributors will always be able to publish more or less anything they wish, of course provided that the post is either in some way related to America’s third parties, or is expressing the opinions of the author on a political, social, historical, economic, cultural or religious topic.

Finally, and most importantly, I would like to express my deepest gratitude and sincerest appreciation for all our readers. Needless to say, without you, ATPR would not be in existence. Thank you so much for continually visiting ATPR, reading our posts, sharing them on social media, and leaving your comments. I would also like to dearly thank our contributors, who have contributed immensely with excellent content, a sizable portion of which has been original and exclusively provided for ATPR. Thank you, all of you!

Thanks to our readers and contributors, ATPR can have much to look forward to in the upcoming twelve months. Onward!

Krzysztof Marcin Lesiak

Founder, American Third Party Report
July 16th, 2016
Mount Prospect, Illinois, USA

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