Zack Strong: “Is America Still Great? Part 1”


By Zack Strong, published at the Independent America Party website, July 16th, 2016:

I am often erroneously accused of “anti-Americanism” or of “America bashing.” More than once people have told me, “If you don’t like America, leave.” Anyone who truly knows me knows that I love America tremendously. I know that the U.S. Constitution is a document literally inspired by Almighty God. It is as holy to me as scripture. The land of America is a promised land reserved by God for divine purposes. I often write of my desire for America to become the shining city on a hill that our forefathers envisioned. I speak in high praise of the Founding Fathers and believe there has never been another group of statesmen in one place at one time who have been so brilliant and wise and courageous in the cause of Liberty. America has given to more people more Freedom and opportunity and protection under the law than any other nation ever has. Yes, I declare it loudly: I love America!

And it is because I love America so fervently that I critique her so bluntly. It is because I do not want to see us continue on our downward decent into communistic slavery that I point out our nation’s flaws, criticize her ruinous policies, and highlight many of the treacherous acts of our past and present (acts which we are bound to repeat if we ignore them or justify them). It is because I love the Constitution that I so harshly condemn those who violate its sacred principles and openly call them traitors to the Republic. It is because of my adoration for the Founding Fathers that I so brashly oppose anyone who demeans those wonderful, inspired men. It is because I love the truth so emphatically that I point out American atrocities, national cover-ups and crimes, conspiracies in our government, negative trends in our society, fallacious thinking, etc. The truth will make us free, will it not?

No nation, or individual for that matter, can progress unless it comes to grips with its own reality – flaws and all. The first step of recovery for addicts is to admit that they have a serious problem that is negatively impacting their lives. Only by admitting that they have a problem that needs correcting can the healing process begin. The healing process is hard. It is all up hill. It is embarrassing. It requires major changes in thought, habit, and lifestyle. But it is the right thing to do. It is the only way to mend what has been broken and become stronger. America needs to undergo an honest recovery process, begin

Read the rest of the article at the Independent American Party website.

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