Augustus Invictus releases criminal justice reform platform


Augustus Invictus and Keon Antonio Grayson

Augustus Invictus, a candidate for the Libertarian Party’s nomination for U.S. Senate in Florida, recently released a platform on criminal justice reform co-written by Keon Antonio Grayson, a newly elected city councilman in Florida who has publicly endorsed Invictus in his bid. According to Invictus’ campaign website, he will speak about this new addition to his overall platform on July 29th, 2016 in Miami.

The full criminal justice reform platform is below, from

Criminal Justice

Mandatory Minimum Sentences
Active steps will be taken to abolish all Mandatory Minimums. No State that upholds Mandatory Minimums is to receive federal funding for Office of Justice Programs (OJP) Grants or incentives to improve prison conditions. Federal mandatory minimums shall be repealed.

Solitary Confinement for Juveniles
Ban solitary confinement for juveniles in federal prisons. Incentives to improve prison conditions shall not be granted to States that keep solitary confinement for juveniles.

Death Penalty
Abolish the death penalty at the federal level. Use the Senator’s bully pulpit to push for an end to the death penalty in Florida.

War on Drugs
Scale down the War on Drugs by ending the federal prohibition on marijuana and streamline all FDA approval processes for medical marijuana research. Be part of a movement asking the President to pardon all non-violent marijuana offenders currently in federal prisons.

Prisoner Slavery Reform
Ban the use of prisoners as underpaid and slave workers in federal and State prisons, unless a court has issued a special directive as part of a criminal’s sentence.

Felons’ Right to Vote
Use the bully pulpit to advocate the restoration of civic rights to all felons once released from prisons, unless a court has issued a special directive taking away a criminal’s civic rights as part of a criminal’s sentence.

Civil Forfeiture
The use of civil forfeiture, whether federal, State, or local, shall be banned by an Act of Congress to prevent any future administration from scaling up the practice via executive directive.

Law Enforcement Accountability
Use the Senator’s bully pulpit to push the State Attorney General and Offices of the State Attorney for pursuit of all cases involving a controversial death by a police officer as a criminal case and end the practice of giving special privileges to police officers due to their status in the process of such a suit.

Rehabilitation Advancement Programs
Reallocate funding in the penal system budget to allow more funding to programs aimed at rehabilitating federal prisoners showing good behavior.

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