“Petition Crisis”: Gary Johnson in danger of not getting on the ballot in New York and New Hampshire


Gary Johnson (Photo: FrumForum.com)

The following is an email, titled “petition crisis”, which sent out on July 16th, 2016 by Wes Benedict, the executive director of the Libertarian Party:

unnamed (1)

New Hampshire is in the worst shape, with only 32 signatures in hand and an 8/10/2016 deadline. More signatures are rumored to exist, but not many, and we can’t count them till we have them.

We’re running Gary Johnson for President, Max Abramson for Governor, Brian Chabot for U.S. Senator, Robert Lombardo for U.S. Congress District 1, and Richard Tomasso for Executive Council, District 4.

We are competing with independent candidates trying to get on the ballot for governor, and voters can only sign for one candidate. So that’s an added challenge.

We will do whatever it takes to get our candidates on the ballot in New Hampshire. Please help ASAP so it doesn’t cost us a fortune! We need 3,000 valid signatures, so must get around 5,000 to be safe.

I’ve already sent one of our staff, Nick Dunbar to New Hampshire and he’s recruiting petitioners: both volunteer and paid.

We’re sending our affiliate support specialist, Andy Burns, on Tuesday, to recruit people as well (and also to collect signatures himself, of course).

I need more of you that live in New Hampshire to help out. We also need some people to travel to New Hampshire to help (but you’ll have to pay your own expenses – we do not cover hotel, travel, etc.).

>Click here to download the NH petition form.<

Email to get paid or to volunteer, and watch for notes soon from Andy Burns (). They can get you signed up with a contract.

New York has 10,000 signatures in hand so far. We need at least 20,000, but preferably 25,000, so we can be confident we’ll have 15,000 valid signatures. The deadline is 8/2/2016 — that’s only two weeks away! Unlike most other states, only registered New York voters are eligible to collect signatures. Volunteers and professionals should contact Mark Axinn at .

Please help if you are a New Yorker!

>Click here for the NY petition form & more.<


If you have trouble reaching the people above, feel free to contact Bob Johnston at , or call Bill Redpath on his cell at (and leave a message), if you are willing to get hired, and they’ll follow up with you as soon as possible. If emailing Bob, please send the following information to Bob:

Mailing address:
Dates available (start date and end date):
States willing to work in:

No advances offered. We don’t cover any expenses. You pay your own gas, travel, hotel, meals, photocopying expenses, postage, etc. Some petitioners team up to save on motel expenses or find housing through Airbnb. Others petition in their home state and avoid housing costs. Others find friends willing to let them crash for free for a few weeks. You have to find your own lodging.

You’ll be an independent contractor. Additional rules and restrictions apply. This is not a contract, but you may be asked to sign one and provide information for a W9.

We recently qualified for the ballot in Illinois, Maine, and Tennessee, and won a lawsuit that greatly reduced the requirements in Pennsylvania, so we expect to be on the ballot in Pennsylvania soon as well.

>>Click here to donate for ballot access.<<

If all these emails about ballot access stress you out, but you aren’t able to help, consider helping elsewhere by ordering some of our brand new beautiful Gary Johnson for President door hangers for 5 cents each.

>>Click here to order the new Gary Johnson door hangers!<<

Please help us today.


Wes Benedict
Executive Director

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