Veterans Party’s Chris Keniston: “Busting the wasted vote myth…again”


Chris Keniston

The following article was written by Veterans Party of America presidential nominee Chris Keniston and published on on June 21st, 2016:

Busting the wasted vote myth:

I keep hearing the media and candidates crowing about record-setting primary vote totals for Trump and Clinton. I want to frame these claims in the proper perspective.

The official US population is approximately 330 million. Of those, approximately 220 million will be of legal age to vote in the 2016 elections. That doesn’t mean all 220 million actually register to vote. In fact, only 146 million Americans registered to vote in 2012. Current projections are that 150 million Americans will be registered to vote in 2016.

He are the reported popular vote totals for the leading major party candidates so far:

Donald Trump 13,897,191
Hillary Clinton 16,663,802

So these “overwhelming” popular vote totals actually account for only a small percentage of actual American voters. Only a fraction of the voting population chose these two horrible candidates.

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