Libertarian Party of New Jersey gives its take on discrimination, education and free speech


From the Libertarian Party of New Jersey’s Facebook page, July 30th, 2016:

Issue: Discrimination imposed by the government disrupts normal relationships of people, sets neighbor against neighbor, creates gross injustices, and diminishes human potential.

Principle: Individual rights must not be denied, abridged, or enhanced by government at the expense of other people’s rights, on any basis, including – but not limited to – sex, gender identity, wealth, race, color, creed, age, national origin, political preference, biological factors, or sexual orientation.

Solution: We oppose government attempts to regulate private discrimination, including discrimination in employment, housing, and privately-owned places of public accommodation. While we frown upon those who discriminate against others in privately funded settings, the freedom to associate or trade includes the freedom not to associate or trade— for any reasons whatsoever. However, we oppose discrimination by government in publicly owned or publicly subsidized locations, activities, and enterprises.

Transition: Laws that violate rights selectively should be repealed.

From the Libertarian Party of New Jersey’s Facebook page, July 29th, 2016:

Issue: Responsibility for the education of children needs to be put back into the hands of the parents/guardians. Only an education that respects the values of parents can be a quality education. Government schools are an indoctrination and propaganda tool for the state, a political compromise and a wasteful implementation. Sex education, evolution, prayer in school, or teaching methods should not be questions decided by law or bureaucracy.

Principle: The government should not decide what is best for our children. That decision should be left up to the family, according to their beliefs, not politicians and education bureaucrats. Competition can ensure the best education for children and relieve the tax burden imposed by the current system.

Solution: We believe that education is one of the most important factors in a child’s life. That is why we advocate the complete separation of education and the state, and believe that government ownership, operation, regulation, and subsidy of schools should be ended.

Transition: Education choice should be given to parents and children, encouraging schools to compete with each other. We support ending the government monopoly on education by allowing parents and taxpayers more choices where education tax money is spent and where and how their children are educated. School voucher programs, education tax credits, or charitable tax incentives should be used to encourage a free market in education.

All school-related taxes should be gradually repealed starting with the taxes on those without children or those whose children are in private school or no longer in school. We endorse dollar-for-dollar tax credits for any contribution to a recognized school. We also call for the repeal of the “thorough and efficient” provision of the New Jersey Constitution (Article VIII, Section IV, Paragraph 1).

Furthermore we encourage parents to consider all educational alternatives to government schools. Technology today provides parents with low cost ways of providing a better education. Despite the education monopoly, alternatives to the old model of schooling have become widely available. The Internet and the formation of home school cooperatives allow for alternatives like homeschooling and self-directed learning. Restriction and regulation of home schooling should be removed.

From the Libertarian Party of New Jersey’s Facebook page, July 28th, 2016:

Issue: The actions and inactions of government result in preventing people from being able to exercise their First Amendment rights.

Principle: We defend the rights of individuals to unrestricted freedom of speech and freedom of the press. Freedom of expression is possible only as part of a system of property rights. The freedom to use one’s own voice; the freedom to hire a hall; the freedom to own a printing press, a broadcasting station, or a transmission cable; the freedom to wave or burn one’s own flag; and similar property-based freedoms are precisely what constitute freedom of communication. Conversely, freedom of communication does not extend to the use of other people’s property, such as shopping malls, to promote one’s ideas without the consent of the owners.

Solution: Removal of government interference throughout the communications media would open the way to diversity and innovation.

Transition: We oppose any abridgment of the freedom of speech through government censorship, regulation, or control of communications media, including — but not limited to — laws concerning:

a. Obscenity, or offensive speech or writings;

b. government control, regulation, subsidization, or nationalization of private networks and Internet service providers;

c. Internet censorship of any kind; and;

d. commercial speech or advertising.

We oppose reclassifying the Internet as a common carrier under Title II of the Communications Act of 1934. The way to provide the best product and services at the best price is to allow choice and competition. We therefore support ending government-granted monopolies at the federal, state, and local level to cable companies, telecommunications providers, or any news outlet (such as New Jersey Public Broadcasting Authority (NJN).

We deplore any government efforts to coerce the media in the name of stopping “bias” or ensuring “fairness.”

The Libertarian Party of New Jersey is in the process of officially gaining ballot access for its slate of candidates, including the presidential ticket of Gary Johnson and William Weld.

One response to “Libertarian Party of New Jersey gives its take on discrimination, education and free speech

  1. There is some excellent discussion in this article. It is most important that we get all Libertarians to understand the difference between discrimination and racism. The NJLP has pointed out well that individuals have a right to discriminate for their own non-coercive interests as an inherent part of free choice, while government does not have this right. The “wedding cake” issue is a good example of this.
    Meanwhile, racism is stupid. No person has the choice of skin color or ethnicity when born. All voters, legislators, and judges who support the racism by government known as “affirmative action” form the class of the most evil racists
    Individual racism is bad. Institutional racism is worse. Governmental racism is the worst of all.


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