Augustus Invictus picks up new endorsement in Florida Senate race


Augustus Invictus

The following was published on the Facebook page of Augustus Invictus, a candidate for the Libertarian Party’s nomination for U.S. Senate in Florida on August 1st, 2016:


I have always attempted to remain fair and neutral while helping the Libertarian Party of Florida grow and prosper. To me, solutions are simple; be honest and do the right thing. Few could challenge my dedication and hard work, which keeps me a safe bet when controversy arises. The best solution would normally be to remain silent and not take a stand on the U.S. Senate primary between Augustus Invictus and Paul Stanton.

For nearly two years, Augustus Invictus has taken a beating in the media over academic reports he wrote in College. Former LPF Chair Adrian Wyllie resigned in a foolish rage because he wasn’t pleased with the way Augustus worships. After attacking Invictus and violating LPF rules before the Executive Committee, Wyllie left the party to never return, with a vote of no confidence.

Paul Stanton, a political unknown and Military Veteran, entered the race at the last minute without much fanfare. Which ever man wins the primary, he has next to no chance of winning the general election so an endorsement by me would only expose me to attack and ridicule. . .

And yet, I cannot in this case remain silent!

I know both of these men equally and recently I set out to bring together a U.S. Senate debate in North Central Florida, which is in terrible need of LPF leadership, in one of the most Libertarian areas of the state. Previously, after sitting with Stanton at lunch on the first day of the LP Convention in Orlando Memorial Day weekend, I was sold on his style of Libertarianism. He had such a solution based attitude, that a debate would propel him to the top.

After hours and days of debating the debate, it was clear to me Augustus Invictus was on board, and Paul Stanton was not.

When you negotiate between two individuals you learn a lot about them, and it was during this time that I realized Paul Stanton was either afraid to debate Augustus Invictus or Paul Stanton was afraid to displease possibly someone else who was controlling, financing or pressuring him to not debate. Attempts to reach Stanton’s campaign manager failed – giving even more credibility to my suspicions. The crowning moment for me was, after my post on the debates, the Libertarian Party of North West Florida, immediately (as if to say Paul needs help) endorsed Paul Stanton. This was a big red light!

Paul Stanton has echoed Adrian Wyllie’s criticisms of the LPF almost word for word. He has changed his reasoning for not debating, over and over again, but most of all, Paul Stanton said things to me out of character in our conversations. Paul Stanton attacks Augustus Invictus at every juncture, but refuses to give up his personal history for scrutiny. I have a loathing for one who slanders another’s reputation while he cowards down the street running, leaving his flip flops in the dust.

Augustus Invictus has shown us all of his past and has taken full responsibility for it. He entered the Libertarian sphere slandered – before – he could state his case. That was because of Wyllie. Augustus Invictus’s narrative has always been distorted, but as we biblical people who know of the prodigal son, know that to be lost and then found is the basis of all good.

Augustus Invictus has made his case to me that he will be the best candidate to take on Marco Rubio and any Democrat in the fall election. Augustus Invictus will not be cowardly or afraid to debate his opponent. When I got in trouble last week and posted about it, only Augustus Invictus called to help and I barely know him.

Augustus Invictus is my choice for U.S. Senate and I encourage all those who support me to take a closer look at Augustus Invictus.

Augustus Invictus is a tough man facing head-on corrupted times and corrupted politicians with no nylon puppet strings attached! …Or, go with the right shoes, and you could keep running away with Paul!

ATPR Note: The Libertarian Party primary election for U.S. will coincide with the major party primaries on August 30th, 2016.

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