Constitution Party, Libertarians and Greens submit signatures to get on the Pennsylvania ballot

According to an August 2nd, 2016 article written by Mark Skolforo entitled “Three third-party candidates meet ballot deadline to vie in Pennsylvania battleground”  (, the Constitution, Libertarian and Green Parties of Pennsylvania filed their petitions to be on the November ballot.

From the Constitution Party of Pennsylvania’s Castle action group on Facebook, August 2nd, 2016:


Congratulations on your achievement. Today, I was privileged to be on the CPPA team that turned in signatures. We met the threshold with room to spare (and I mean a significant amount of room). We turned 535 pages of signatures; the state (secretary of state office personnel) stopped counting once they arrived at 5,000 valid signatures and they were only about 150-200 pages into the stack.

For right now, the next step is for someone (one of the major parties?) to determine if they want to challenge the signatures. This is the United States of America and they have a right to do that. If they want to, they can. However, I think that I reviewed every sheet and did a check of the sheets; I am convinced that with the numbers we have (and I have the number of signatures), that we will beat any challenge. Of course, we are not under the threat of being sued and having to pay for the challenge. This gives us two significant advantages – first, the sheer number of signatures, and second, the fact that we won’t be sued. But, again, the next step is up to someone else outside of our party if that is the route to take.

For right now, I just think that we celebrate and then wait and see what happens. We’re moving forward.

Again, I say thanks for your help in accomplishing this. I offer my appreciation to Jim Clymer, Brian Tevlin, and Jim Barr for their help this weekend/today. By the way, Jim Barr did get on the ballot as well.

For Liberty,
Bob Goodrich
CPPA Chairman
(814) 258-5218

I want to THANK everyone for the huge effort! We can be very proud of what we achieved. Getting a 3rd party candidate on the ballot in a big state like Pennsylvania is a huge accomplishment. I salute you patriots for all of your hard work! Now, Christians and conservatives across the Commonwealth will have a decent candidate to vote for. Let us give thanks to God for Blessing our work!

Al Kiser
NW Regional Chair CPPA

The Constitution Party of Pennsylvania’s website can be viewed here.

4 responses to “Constitution Party, Libertarians and Greens submit signatures to get on the Pennsylvania ballot

  1. I think I’m gonna vote Castle then instead of Johnson. Will still vote for any other LP candidates though.


  2. And yet Darrell won’t be on in Kansas or Nebraska now; the petition deadline passed yesterday.


  3. Joseph Murphy

    I will be voting for Darrell. I voted for Gary Johnson last time around, but I really hate his VP pick.


  4. It seems that Joseph Murphy understands that the Establishment subverted the Libertarian Party by winning its VP nomination for a corrupt CFR Establishment enemy of freedom. William Weld supported Kennedy, Kerry, Obama, and Whitey Bulger’s brother. He is a proponent of TPP and an enemy of ballot access. He does not support the Second Amendment. He is not a libertarian.
    Joseph Murphy has good voting instinct. I hope other Libertarians also see the light. It is sad to see the Libertarian Party acting like “Republican-Lite”. The Libertarian should return to being the “Party of Principle” rather than following the path of Republicans and becoming the “Other Party of Stupid”.


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