Darrell Castle Gets Interviewed By Willis Carto’s American Free Press


by Cody Quirk

Recently, the newspaper American Free Press did a complimenting interview with Constitution Party presidential candidate Darrell Castle while he was campaigning in Michigan with the State Chair of the U.S. Taxpayers Party (Michigan affiliate of the CP), Bill Mohr.

However, what is quite eyebrow-raising and controversial isn’t Darrell’s interview with the AFP -but the nature & origins of this particular newspaper that he had consented to an interview with, which seemingly goes well beyond its own slogan: ‘AMERICA’S LAST REAL NEWSPAPER‘.

The following introductory paragraph from the Wikipedia article on the AFP clearly speaks for itself-

The American Free Press is a weekly newspaper published in the United States.

The newspaper’s direct ancestor was the publication The Spotlight, which ceased publication in 2001 when its parent organization, Liberty Lobby, was forced into bankruptcy. Like The Spotlight and Liberty Lobby, Willis Carto, one of America’s most influential political racial theorists known for his promotion of antisemitic conspiracy theories and Holocaust denial, was one of its founders. The newspaper describes itself as “maverick, independent grass-roots media” and proclaims a “populist and nationalist” political orientation.[1]


Willis Carto

Indeed, as stated in the same Wiki article, the founder of the AFP is the late Willis Carto– a well known antisemitic and white supremacist figure that had been previously involved in the National Youth Alliance during the sixties (the NYA later evolved into the neo-nazi National Alliance), and the now defunct Populist Party back in its heyday in the eighties -the same political party that ran famous white nationalist David Duke in the 1988 presidential election.

There is no question from the above evidence that the AFP is indeed the successor to Carto’s previous Spotlight newspaper -which had been forced into bankruptcy due to a damaging lawsuit, and ceased publication afterward in 2001.


Previous AFP contributor and 2000 CP senatorial candidate Mark Dankof with David Duke

Yet just as notable as it’s origins is especially some of the individual contributors to the AFP newspaper itself, whom include (albeit at different time periods) -the late Michael Collins Piper, former CP senatorial candidate Mark Dankof, and the Castle-supporting Liberty Roundtable co-host James Edwards -whose own show, The Political Cesspool, and Mr. Castle’s indirect association with such, has been discussed in detail in another previous article on American Third Party Report.

Even if Mr. Castle is not at all in agreement with the specific nature of the AFP’s contents, including the views and ideology of its deceased founder; the fact that the relationship between the CP and the American Free Press -while barely visible on the surface, nevertheless appears to be a distant yet positive one between one another, even if such interactions have been few and far between, or just briefly referenced on each others website. Which in conclusion, clearly displays the naivety, or possible apathy of the Castle campaign and the Constitution Party -with this particular and controversial newspaper that is, the ‘American Free Press’.

10 responses to “Darrell Castle Gets Interviewed By Willis Carto’s American Free Press

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  2. This is what I get from the party I want to support?? I really don’t care about some measly nose-pickin idiot that wants to find some acute connection lying in the background to discredit Darrell Castle. I’d just like to see more interviews please. Press on and fight the good fight! (20 yrs Army and fed up!)


  3. Joseph Murphy

    So whats the connection you are trying to make? That Darrell and/or the Constitution Party are racist? That seems like quite a stretch.. I like your site Cody, but this looks like a witch hunt.


  4. Hey Dean, if you want to support a candidate that’s willing to accept endorsements, support, and publicity from legit white supremacists, then be my guest.

    Oh, hope you don’t live in Kansas or Nebraska, since Darrell failed to get on the ballot there, along with a host of other states, including Idaho.


  5. That’s one of the things I really love about Darrell Castle. He doesn’t use the Constituion & Bill of Rights as a sound byte, he lives it! He might not agree with your words, but he believes every American has the right to freely express themselves. Another example of his daily life within the Constitution, is despite how much he opposes the Green Party, he still fought tooth & nail for over 9 years, for their right to express themselves. He is a truly remarkable & honorable man.


  6. Believe me Joseph, it’s only the tip of the iceberg; there are more connections that I didn’t mention.

    Peter Gemma wasn’t even discussed in the article at all.


  7. Joseph Murphy

    are these connections because they support Darrell? or are they working together for some cause? Something immoral? I’m just curious why the connection is being made. If DC or the CP are up to no good, then lets see that.


  8. That is the lamest guilt by association hit piece I’ve ever read. So they interview Castle, and that makes Castle and the Constitution Party racist? Better get your meds checked and find some integrity.


  9. The connections are in the url links, and I think more articles will be done on this soon, Joseph.


  10. Seems you haven’t really read the article thoroughly enough, Ken. The connections are there, and with the previous ATPR article on Darrell’s endorsement from Sam Bushman (which he featured on his campaign website); this is just another black mark on Castle and the CP.


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