Evan McMullin announces his candidacy for president as the “conservative” alternative to Trump


Evan McMullin, the former chief policy director for the House Republican Conference in the United States House of Representatives, announced his candidacy for president today as an independent candidate supported by the Better for America ballot access initiative . McMullin, age 40, previously worked for the CIA from 2001-2011 and later Goldman Sachs. He is also a devout Mormon born in Utah, the state where Donald Trump is struggling to get close to the level of support previous GOP nominees have. McMullin published the following candidacy announcement on his campaign website today:

My Fellow Americans,

Our American Nation is the greatest experiment in freedom the world has ever known. It’s given generations of citizens the blessings of liberty ever since the Founding Fathers risked their lives in what seemed like an improbable bid for independence. While the republic they created was one of imperfect freedoms, for 240 years the arc of progress and liberty has moved ever-upward. Even in times of economic crisis and war, our nation has been a singular source of hope for people throughout the world yearning for liberty, dignity and opportunity.

I proudly and quietly served our country for most of my adult life, first as an undercover operations officer with the Central Intelligence Agency and more recently as a senior national security and policy advisor in the House of Representatives. My service has given me unique, firsthand knowledge of the threats our nation faces, the burdens borne by hardworking Americans, and the numerous areas of our government that desperately need reform.

Like millions of Americans, I had hoped this year would bring us better nominees who, despite party differences, could offer compelling visions of a better future. Instead, we have been left with two candidates who are fundamentally unfit for the profound responsibilities they seek.

Hillary Clinton is a corrupt career politician who has recklessly handled classified information in an attempt to avoid accountability and put American lives at risk including those of my former colleagues. She fails the basic tests of judgment and ethics any candidate for President must meet. Moreover, she only offers stale economic ideas like the same old top-down government control that has brought us eight years of historically low growth.

Donald Trump appeals to the worst fears of Americans at a time we need unity, not division. Republicans are deeply divided by a man who is perilously close to gaining the most powerful position in the world, and many rightly see him as a real threat to our Republic. Given his obvious personal instability, putting him in command of our military and nuclear arsenal would be deeply irresponsible. His infatuation with strongmen and demagogues like Vladimir Putin is anathema to America values. We cannot and must not elect him.

Millions of Americans are not being represented by either of these candidates; those of us who care about the strength of the military and intelligence services find little to embrace in either Trump or Clinton.

Americans who believe in limited, Constitutional government that is smaller, smarter, and more accountable view both Clinton and Trump as symbols of corruption and excess that provide no hope of basic competence in the federal government.

Those who embrace the dignity and value of every human life from conception until death; who understand the crushing danger of our unsustainable national debt; who believe deference to our Constitution outweighs partisan political priorities are all looking for something better than the two major party candidates are offering. These foundational and time-tested principles transcend party and politics but sadly have no champion in this election. We must not abandon the fight for these values, for doing so will deprive future generations of Americans the bright future we want to give them.

With the stakes so high for our nation and at this late stage in the process, I can no longer stand on the sidelines. Our country needs leaders who are in it for the right reasons and who actually understand what makes this country the greatest on earth. Leaders who will unite us and guide us to a prosperous, secure future, beyond the dysfunction of a broken political system.

Just as the American Revolution required men and women devoted to liberty and freedom to stand up and be counted, this moment calls a new generation to the same sacred task. With that in mind, I have decided to pursue the cause of American renewal and the Presidency of the United States of America.

With Hope For Our Future,

Evan McMullin

Evan McMullin is an independent candidate for President.

ATPR: McMullin’s campaign website is here; his Facebook campaign page is here

2 responses to “Evan McMullin announces his candidacy for president as the “conservative” alternative to Trump

  1. Too little Too late. I know nothing about this man, but ex CIA and worked at Goldman Sachs!!! come on, you guys aren’t even trying anymore…he will never make it on enough ballots anyway. Also aren’t the dems and repubs always telling us a vote for “third/ind” party is a vote for their opponent.


  2. Have to agree with the above comment, however he does have a chance to get on in Idaho & Utah next week, and being LDS and ‘conservative’ himself- I can see him cutting into Darrell Castle’s LDS voting base in those states.

    In fact I heard that petitions to get him on the ballot are already circulating in Utah right now.


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