An apology to our readers due to the recent Ron Paul article


The following message regarding my article was forwarded to the IPR Facebook group.

On August 8th, 2016, I published an article on American Third Party Report and Independent Political Report titled Ron Paul says “we don’t need a third party,” refuses to endorse any candidate for president this year. Unfortunately, while the very short article was not factually inaccurate, I was completely wrong in choosing its headline.

As it was pointed out by an individual named Austin Mulka in a message that was forwarded to the IPR Facebook group, Ron Paul DID NOT say that there was no need for a third party to exist in America; his full quote (which my post included), was:

“We don’t need a third party, we need at least a second party that will challenge [the] system.” 

Dr. Paul was essentially saying that there isn’t a dime’s worth of difference between the two major duopoly parties, and that there is a need for an actual “second party” alternative to the unified Democratic/Republican Party (i.e. a third party).

My headline made no mention of this; and Austin Mulka is right; the quote I used in the headline of the article (which has just now been updated and fixed) was taken completely out of context and made it seem as though Dr. Paul is actively opposed to third parties. In actuality, Dr. Paul has a long history of being friendly to third parties, starting with his 1988 presidential campaign as the Libertarian Party nominee, up to his endorsement of Constitution Party candidate Chuck Baldwin in 2008 and he has not said anything unfavorable about third parties in the present day, either.

My headline was sensationalist and was conceived with more of a clickbait-ish desire for views rather than to be devoted to complete and total accuracy. Because of this immaturity and lack of good judgement,  several people who saw the headline said they were disappointed in Dr. Paul and would not be supporting him anymore, according to Austin Mulka. This turn of events shows the gravity words can have and the responsibility I have for making sure all of my posts are in accordance with the truth. As the author of the article, I take full responsibility for it. I would like to apologize to all the readers who viewed the article and formed the wrong impression of Dr. Paul’s attitude towards third parties. I would also like to apologize to Dr. Paul himself, a man for whom I have great respect for and who helped me first become truly interested in politics in 2007, during his second presidential campaign.

Once again, I apologize for using such a sensationalist, inaccurate headline and for causing confusion among those who saw the headline. I can assure everyone that something like this will not happen again. Thank you to Austin Mulka for calling me out on my moronic, clickbait hungry, pseudo-journalistic decision regarding the article’s headline, and I hope that every Ron Paul supporter who saw the article’s headline will see this apology and know that Ron Paul was, and will always be, a friend to third parties in the United States.

Krzysztof Lesiak

Founder, American Third Party Report

August 10th, 2016

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