Congressional candidate: Is Trump’s campaign racially charged?

ATPR: Rick Tyler is an independent congressional candidate running in Tennessee’s 3rd district who has been endorsed by the Traditionalist Worker Party and also has support among individuals involved with the American Freedom Party. He has received media attention for his campaign slogan advertised on billboards: “Make America White Again.” Tyler posted the following article regarding criticism against his campaign and that of Donald Trump’s by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) on his campaign website on August 7th, 2016:

Southern Poverty Law Center At It Again

If one takes anything approaching an objective look at the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), the inescapable conclusion will be arrived at that it is truly one of the most evil and vile organizations in existence. Words simply don’t exist that are adequate to describe the despicable nature of the SPLC. It serves but one purpose…to lie, fabricate and deceive in the interest of its alien and grossly un-American agenda. In a bygone era of sanity and sensibility the SPLC would have been deservedly driven from its presence on American soil. May God hasten the day when the SPLC meets its just end, and all of its wicked, slandering minions succumb to a fate befitting of those who make a career of bearing false witness and waging war against truth.

Me and the SPLC

In the wake of the widespread controversy and news generated by the Make America White Again billboard and the Rick Tyler For Congress campaign, the SPLC has weighed in with their own opinion and commentary. Predictably, what they have to say is so fraught with error and distortion as to not even remotely resemble truth and factuality. This comes as no surprise to me personally in that I have previously been a target of their smear gun. In the mid 90’s the SPLC published a propaganda piece entitled False Patriots. In the pages of this error laden report, I was falsely characterized as a militia leader…despite the fact that I have never been in the military and had never in any manner organized or operated under a militia type modality.

According to the SPLC my radio broadcast (The Voice of Liberty) was a militia, as were my political/educational groups, the Georgia Council of Conservative Citizens, Citizens for a Constitutional Georgia, and the Georgia Taxpayers Association. Incredibly, the SPLC had the gall to assert that I was a militia leader four times over…despite the fact that I had never had even the slightest affiliation with the militia movement of that era. Indeed…if the SPLC was to be taken seriously…tiny, little Epworth, Georgia (where I had my post office boxes) was the militia capital of the world!

But, you see, this is the standard operating procedure of the SPLC. Character assassination and discrediting the messenger are the absolute centerpieces of the SPLC’s agenda and operational template.

Enter the July 26, 2016 SPLC Report on “Rick Tyler: Tennessee’s Racist Third Congressional District Candidate”

It is always amazing to observe the proficiency with which the SPLC practices the science of slander and disinformation. Of course…when you devote your entire existence to a given endeavor you naturally become quite adept and skillful. Still…it is impressive to tabulate the quantity of lies and deception that the SPLC can squeeze and weave into a relatively short article!

The current SPLC article being critiqued and analyzed is purported to have been authored by a Sarah Viets. When dealing with entities known for pathological deceit (such as the SPLC) we can take nothing for granted. We are doing research to determine more about Sarah Viets as well as other SPLC agents and operatives. All indicators, thus far, underscore that they are hard core Marxist revolutionary types who yearn for an America that will bear no resemblance to that which was established by the original founders.

In the opening paragraph, she wastes no time in putting forth the signature deceitfulness that characterizes her paymaster. Reference is made to Donald Trump’s “racially charged presidential campaign.” Excuse me? And just how is it that Trump’s presidential campaign is racially charged? Never mind those pesky little facts and details…for, you see, in the sick minds of the SPLC’s operatives…you need only say something is true to make your prejudiced desire become reality. Such methodology, of course, is the hallmark of evil and abusive propaganda…and the SPLC practices it habitually and with no shame.

Is Trump’s Presidential Campaign Racially Charged?

Trump’s central theme is “Make America Great Again.” He postulates that such an objective can be effectively pursued by putting an end to the governmental policies that clearly work against the nation’s interest and wellbeing. Open borders, lopsided trade deals that promote global redistribution of wealth, foreign policy decisions and actions that consistently weaken traditional American interests throughout the world…these are among the obvious defects in current American governance that Trump promises to overturn. In the process of pursuing such worthy objectives, Trump articulates the necessity of putting an end to the escalating influx of Muslims and Mexicans…especially those who, via their readily detectable radical propensities, represent a clear and present danger to the safety of the American nation and her people. In the twisted mind of Sarah Viets and her ilk, this somehow qualifies as being “racially charged.”

No…Donald Trump’s presidential campaign is not “racially charged” as the intellectual prostitutes in the employ of the SPLC would have their unsuspecting victims to believe. Instead, Trump has been able to effectively pinpoint numerous debilitating policies that the national government has long advanced to the great detriment of the country as a whole. Like the classic demagogues and shrill propagandists that they are, the SPLC’s cadre of operatives know only one technique in their protracted war against truth.

Through the mechanism of ad hominem attack, they ceaselessly interject disinformation into the discussion. Their ultimate objective is to overcome the message of truth by impeaching the credibility of the messenger. Quite obviously, they routinely employ this tactic because it has served them so well throughout the duration of their sordid and treacherous history.

In paragraph one Sarah Viets asserts that I am hoping that “Donald Trump’s racially charged presidential campaign will increase [my] chances of winning.” In fact, I need not “hope” for something that is already a reality. Though Trump’s campaign is not “racially charged,” it nevertheless does exhibit and manifest a penchant for levels of truth that have, heretofore, been virtually nonexistent in the discourse of American politics. As a logical extension of this phenomenon, the electorate is naturally primed by Trump’s message for the possible reception of the next plateau or level of truth. It would be impossible for my prospects to not be augmented and fortified by this situational occurrence. As I have made clear, Trump’s campaign has loosened up the conversation and dialogue to the point where controversial, politically incorrect subject matter is no longer off limits. Obviously, this can only serve to increase my “chances of winning.”

The SPLC’s disinformation manifesto continues by shifting to a reference to my recent appearance on the Political Cesspool radio broadcast. Pathetically, they erroneously state that James Edwards interviewed me…when, in reality, I was on the program with Winston Smith. Yes…we can certainly have great confidence in a source who can’t even accurately state the identity of the individual hosting the broadcast they are referencing. It is painfully obvious that all the SPLC wants to do is employ sinister guilt by association methodology…hence their mistaken allusion to James Edwards. You see, James Edwards serves on the board of the Council of Conservative Citizens who, according to the SPLC writer, “opposes all efforts to mix the races of mankind, to promote non-white races over the European-American people.”

Continuing in her out of context smear effort, sloppy Sarah proceeds to nail down her premise that I somehow derived general inspiration from Donald Trump when, in fact, I have explicitly explained at every juncture that such has only been the case in the following ways:

– To the extent that Trump has pushed the envelope of political incorrectness…he has loosened up the overall parameters of political discourse.

– Trump’s Make America Great Again theme popularized a phrase that provides an ideal bridge for the Make America White Again slogan.

In paragraph three of her smear sheet, Sarah Viets actually came close to making factual statements. Of course…a blind squirrel occasionally finds an acorn!

The article quickly resumes its penchant for inaccuracy by claiming that I ran unsuccessfully for “the same congressional district in 2014…” Once again, the SPLC fails miserably to correctly record even the most basic facts and information. In 2014 I was on the ballot state-wide for the U.S. Senate race against incumbent Lamar Alexander. In an effort to engender scorn and dismissiveness regarding my current candidacy, it is stated that my vote total in 2014 was a mere 0.4%. What is in no way acknowledged, however, is the fact that, in 2014, my personal circumstances precluded me from being able to actively campaign in any way whatsoever. Thus…comparing my performance in 2014 or in the 2010 Florida U.S. Senate race are in no way an accurate barometer of how I might fare in the present congressional race. Because of the controversial, politically incorrect billboards, I have now succeeded in achieving name recognition, which happens to be a vital component of any campaign that has a realistic prospect of success.

In paragraph five, Sloppy Sarah really ratchets up her vitriol and invective. She references my “offensive billboards” despite the fact that a sleeping giant faction of the electorate considers them to be quite agreeable and satisfying while marveling at my courage and audacity to speak the unvarnished, unfettered truth. In the twisted universe of the SPLC…only those whose opinions dovetail with their own warped and perverted world view are of any credence or legitimacy. In their smug condescension…everyone else is dismissed as irrelevant.

Viets also proceeds to label my Intelligent Conversation About Race radio ads as being of “pseudo-intellectual” caliber. Translation: We can’t refute the unimpeachable argumentation set forth in these concise exercises in logic…so we will summarily dismiss them with the broad brush label of “pseudo-intellectualism.”

Don’t ever hold your breath waiting for the SPLC to deal with anything in a forthright or intellectually honest manner. Instead…their credo can be best summarized as, “Don’t bother me with the facts…I have already made up my mind!” Indeed…truth regarding such controversial subject matter as race is utterly anathema to the SPLC. They simply cannot and will not stomach it…and, instead, will reflexively attack its source with shrill slander and baseless denunciation.

Pseudo Intellectual Defined

A pseudo intellectual is defined as:

– “A person exhibiting intellectual pretensions that have no basis in sound scholarship,” or,

– “A person who pretends an interest in intellectual matters for reasons of status,” or,

– “Of, relating to, or characterized by fraudulent intellectuality; unscholarly: a pseudo intellectual book.”

The SPLC has put forth the assertion that the Rick Tyler For Congress radio advertising spots entitled, An Intelligent Conversation About Race, are of a pseudo intellectual nature. Of course, in their typical fashion, they fail to offer any evidence in support of this premise. You see…all the SPLC need do is issue forth a proclamation, and everyone is expected to stand in awe of their sheer superiority and brilliance. Sadly, a large percentage of those whom they exercise influence over are equally as careless and unconcerned about truth as the SPLC. Needless to say, if anyone matches the textbook definition of pseudo intellectualism…it would be the SPLC and its assorted agents.

Yes…the works of the SPLC are highly pretentious, while manifesting no basis in fact whatsoever. Clearly, they are striving for an exalted, oracle-like status in the eyes of their audience, while relying heavily on what can only be deemed fraudulent, so-called scholarship. Like the satanic power they do the bidding of, the SPLC is notorious for ascribing to their often innocent victims, the very loathsome characteristics of which they are most typified by.

In paragraph six Sarah Viets begins to play the anti-Semitic card. In a long, convoluted, run-on sentence she proceeds to take me to task for having sought to familiarize people with theAmerican Free Press and its predecessor, The Spotlight. In her estimation, these two newspapers are utterly unworthy due to their “anti-Semitic” perspective. The fact of the matter is that these publications have dared to question the wisdom and legality of America’s continuing Israel-first policies, and have sought to provide a balanced perspective regarding the most controversial issues of our post World War II era.

The name of the late Willis A. Carto is thrown into the mix, for added effect, along with a reference to his having founding the Institute for Historical Review (IHR), and the corresponding charge that it is a Holocaust denial outfit. Many years prior to his death, Willis Carto had an acrimonious parting of the ways with the IHR, whose principle mission is to challenge and review the conclusions and theses of the court historians. In his long career of America First activism, Willis Carto never ran from controversy…but, instead, chose to follow the Biblical imperative of “Prove all things; and hold fast that which is good.” Yes…even the establishment take on what has come to be known as the Holocaust was subject to the searchlight of scrutiny in the overall interest of establishing accuracy and factuality.

Though I didn’t agree with certain of Carto’s opinions or conclusions, I always observed him to be avid and diligent in his quest for truth and justice. He put his money where his mouth was and, for more than fifty years, swam against the tide of political correctness and globalist propaganda.

In this same paragraph, the SPLC grossly over simplifies my own track record of activism…referring to a more than 30 year devotion to the “white nationalist movement.” In reality, I have been a diligent and determined truth seeker since my Christian conversion experience of July 4, 1979. Over the years and decades I have labored in the trenches of evangelical Christianity, conservative politics, Constitutional restoration, Southern heritage, and racial realism. What is considered to be today’s white nationalist movement happens to share my affinity for certain of the truths and causes to which I am devoted…but in no way encompasses the broad totality of the seamless garment of truth to which my life is consecrated.

In paragraph seven, Sloppy Sarah pushes hard for a guilt by association condemnation…claiming that I am a “follower of Christian Identity.” In truth, I am a born again, Bible believing Christian who seeks to ferret out comprehensive and systematic truth. Like great numbers of my Christian ancestors, I have proven overwhelmingly that true Israel, in a post-Tribal migration context, is to be found among the Anglo-Saxon and kindred peoples of the earth. Those same people, of course, are the very ones to whom the new covenant Gospel was proclaimed in the post-ascension time period. The SPLC carelessly and inaccurately asserts the existence of a religious sect they call “Christian Identity” that supposedly believes Jews to be the “seed of Satan” and “people of color” to be “soulless mud people.”

In a continuation of their own pseudo intellectual propensities, the SPLC fails utterly and entirely to establish nary a whit of corroborating evidence as to my own adherence to such positions. Quite obviously, accuracy and scholarship are the last thing in the world they care about. Their sole motivation is to smear and discredit Rick Tyler…and there is no limit to the level of deceit and treachery they will stoop to in pursuit of this objective.

In paragraph eight, a radio interview I granted to Eli James is referenced. In this two hour program I addressed the twin Biblical passages of Revelation 2:9 and 3:9…both of which contain allusions by Jesus to the “synagogue of Satan”…and the fact that modern Judaism certainly provides an example of the fulfillment of such deceptive wiles of Satan. The SPLC has no interest in sounding the depths of such profound Biblical subjects but, instead, only desires to twist and distort information toward their own greed and power driven ends. Their broad brush techniques are the absolute epitome of an anti-scholarship, anti-intellectual approach and philosophy.

In paragraph nine it is purported that I “recently divulged” more of my “racist leanings” during radio interviews with “Edwards” (by whom I was never interviewed), and Matthew Heimbach “who was recently charged for shoving an African-American protester at a Trump rally in March.” In fact, Heimbach did push the individual in question while participating with other attendees in her removal from the Trump rally. This woman was seeking to disrupt the event and prevent Trump and the audience from exercising their First Amendment rights of free speech and free assembly. Heimbach was charged belatedly with a minor misdemeanor citation. The SPLC flagrantly misrepresents the nature and character of this incident in order to further efforts to discredit and marginalize those taking action in defense of truth.

In an amazing deviation from its otherwise unbroken pattern of distortion and misstatement of fact…the SPLC actually achieves a correct account in paragraph ten. The blind squirrel strikes again!

Paragraph eleven veers somewhat off course by sloppily and inaccurately quoting me as referring to a “great nation of Christian constitutional republic” (which makes no sense). What I actually did say was, “…brought forth this singularly unique, great nation as a Christian constitutional republic.” Really, SPLC…is it too much to ask your sloppy, careless writers to render accurate quotations?

Paragraph twelve also butchers a quote via sloppy rendering of my words during the Political Cesspool interview (which they continue to wrongly refer to James Edward as being the host). The SPLC claims I said, “the scent of miscegenation” when in reality I stated, “the sin (which it is) of miscegenation…”

In paragraph thirteen the SPLC states, “Tyler openly accepts support from neo-Nazis and Klansmen,” lifting a quote, out of context, from an article posted on my website entitled “Dealing With the Swastika and the KKK.” In this article I explain in great detail my own rejection of the organizational modalities in question, while simultaneously expressing the belief that my truth-based influence might succeed in leading certain sincere individuals to a more productive expression of their heart-felt convictions. Once again…the SPLC cares nothing about context and accuracy. Instead…they seek only to smear and malign the truth they live in such fear of.

In the final three paragraphs, the SPLC concludes with one last flurry of guilt by association tactics. Heimbach, the National Socialist Movement, Traditionalist Workers Party, neo-Nazis, Jeff Schoep, Matthew Johnson, The Barnes Review (a Holocaust denial publication)…all of this is interwoven together in a closing effort to discredit the messenger (Rick Tyler) and an attempt to frighten and intimidate readers away from a profound and powerful message of liberating truth.


The Southern Poverty Law Center is truly evil in that the sum total of its mission and modus operandi is to lie, lie, lie, and then…lie some more! The Rick Tyler For Congress campaign is all about the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. In pursuit of that lofty and righteous standard, we are more than happy to meet all those moving toward greater truth at the place they are at in their own individual quest. The SPLC only wants to kill and destroy truth and, along with it, the America of our white, Christian forefathers. May God’s wrath and judgement hasten their ultimate and expeditious demise.

Click Here read the SPLC smear job.

Click the links below for video of Rick Tyler interviewing Jim Floyd about the Southern Poverty Law Center.

(Watch all five videos here).

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