Throwback Thursday: Virgil Goode accepts the Constitution Party’s 2012 presidential nomination

Throwback Thursday: For today’s Throwback Thursday segment, ATPR is rewinding back in time to April 21st, 2012. On that day, former six-term Virginia congressman Virgil Goode accepted the Constitution Party’s presidential nomination after narrowly scoring a win on the first ballot with 50.37% of the vote. Goode defeated his closest rival, Darrell Castle, who had reluctantly agreed to stand as a candidate in the race at the request of several party members who were uncomfortable with Goode’s previous votes in favor of the Iraq War and the Patriot Act as a congressman, among other issues. Goode nonetheless prevailed after earning the support of Don Grundmann, the chairman of the Constitution Party of California at the time who cast all three of his delegate votes for Goode.

Goode, despite being the first former congressman to be nominated by the Constitution Party as its standard bearer in any presidential election, ultimately tied for the second lowest percentage of the vote ever received by a Constitution Party’s presidential candidate (0.09%). His showing of 122,388 votes also represented a significant slump from Chuck Baldwin’s 199,750 vote total in 2008.

Goode went on to severely limit his role in the Constitution Party and even endorsed Donald Trump for president in November 2015. Meanwhile, Castle, Goode’s chief rival in the year that propelled President Obama to a second term, secured the Constitution Party’s nomination this year.

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