Darrell Castle secures ballot access in Pennsylvania, submits signatures in Ohio

David R. King, a Constitution Party member, wrote the following on Facebook on August 10th, 2016:

We have ballot access in Pennsylvania!!!

We turned in 8600 of the 5000 required signatures in OHIO, so unless there are shenanigans [Darrell] Castle/ [Scott] Bradley will be on in Ohio!!!

We also received word West Virginia is a lock for access!!

Louisiana will officially be filed on August 16th and we will be on the ballot!!!
(Thank you Don Tullos)

We are close in Iowa, North Dakota, and are currently gathering in Virginia!!!!

The barriers are falling nationwide, God is opening doors that haven’t been opened in years, we only pray that He will open hearts and minds!! I believe as long as we are faithful, and trust in Him all things are possible!

Please help prayerfully that we, in Gods will, are able to get the message of hope to the rudderless voter that there is a choice and that it is righteous! Also please pray for all the petitioners nationwide that they will stay safe and deliver many signatures for the cause of freedom!

ATPR: This will be the first time since 2004 that the Constitution Party  presidential candidate will be on the ballot in Pennsylvania. In every election year since 1996 the Constitution Party nominee has appeared on the Ohio ballot. Castle’s campaign is hoping to achieve ballot access in more states than the CP’s 2012 nominee, Virgil Goode. Goode appeared on 26 state ballots.

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