Darrell Castle campaign: “Here are your marching orders…”


The following was posted to Constitution Party presidential candidate Darrell Castle’s Facebook page today

In this election, the Constitution and our traditional American principles are what is at stake. This is not about saving a party or who will be the next Supreme Court judge. If we do not act now to elect a President who will lead the charge Protect-Preserve-and Defend the Constitution and re-establish the American Constitutional Republic, it really won’t matter which party is in charge or who will be the next Supreme Court appointee because the Constitution will be shredded into oblivion and the American ideals will no longer exist.

Darrell Castle is the only Constitutionist candidate in the 2016 presidential election who is dedicated to Protecting-Preserving-and Defending the Constitution. Mainstream media, politicians, organizations are thus far ignoring his candidacy at best, blocking it at worst, definitely not supporting it. It’s time to call upon the body of “We-the-People” who still hold fast to the original intent of a limited government, the avoidance of “entangling alliance”, and who have absolute respect for the sanctity of life.

If you really want to make a difference this election year, if you are really not ready to give up the fight, here is what we need you to do:

    • Donate financially what you can so we can start purchasing air time and other means of getting the message out. There is no Daddy Warbucks or George Soros here, only you, the American Constitutionist voter. Commit to $25.00 per week if you can, more or less, whatever you can give will add to the total we have to spare. One young 13 year old boy contacted us and donated $1.00, all he had to give, then asked what more he could do with his limited skills. What do you have to give? https://castle2016.nationbuilder.com/…
    • Take the initiative. Purchase signs, brochures, other campaign items and get the word out. Get campaign materials here: http://campaignsupply.castle2016.com/…
    • If you find a billboard in your area and can raise funds to purchase space on it, Latest News and ask for an appropriate graphic. We will send you one.
    • Wave signs on street corners when you have a spare moment. Post signs where allowed, but remember you are responsible for removing them after the election so remember where you put them.
    • Post flyers in stores and on bulletin boards, everywhere you can get permission. We will have one available for download soon on the website.
    • Share links to the website and articles on every social media outlet you can find – Facebook, Google +, Twitter, forums, etc. Mention the campaign and share links in the comment section of every article you read online.
    • Call in to radio talk shows and talk about Darrell Castle and the need to elect a constitutional president this year.
    • Write letters to the editor in your local newspaper telling people about the campaign and letting them know that its time to talk Constitution and there is a constitutionally committed presidential candidate out there.
    • If you can create videos to promote the campaign, send them to us for review before you post or share them. Be willing to work with us.
    • Create memes and comparison charts but make sure we see them by tagging Karen Murray or Joan Weil Castle when you post.
    • If you can create radio ads, send us scripts and a sample for review.
    • Send ideas and requests for graphics here: karen@castle2016.com.

America is your home, its where you live and work. If you want American Liberty and the constitutional Rule of Law to prevail, it is up to you to make it happen. Join us in the fight to restore the Constitution and to leave America a better place than when we found it by virtue of our birth or by our immigration.


Do not use profanity. Do not react in anger. Always have a principled answer. Do not denigrate the other candidates. Focus on their policies and show how the Constitution is violated by those policies. Ask us if you do not know an answer. Be Actionary, not ReActionary!



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