Fax2DC – “Fax Congress, for free!”


Fax2DC logo

Max Rice, a Chicago area salesman sympathetic to third parties and third party candidates, launched a website called Fax2DC in the fall of last year – and he’s now decided to go full steam with his unique concept. The website’s goal is to streamline the process of communication between constituents and their elected representatives in Congress. The website states:

Grassroots lobbying is a key to political change. Mail is slow, email is ignored, but a fax is quick, physical, and easy.

So far, 1,328 faxes have been sent out using the website. Max and the website’s other co-creators are planning to kick their project into high gear very soon. “Fax Congress, for free” is one unofficial slogan that could be designated to the up and coming website, and website that will give the people a voice to the millions of constituents to easily reach their senators and representatives, who too often get caught up in their ivory towers, away from everyday working class Americans, neglecting the very people who provide them with yearly $169,000 paychecks in favor of travelling the non-stop fundraising circuit.

But Fax2DC aims to change that -by making sure constituents’ voices are heard.

With Fax2DC, whose official slogan is Direct Your Impact, to break the communication gridlock all it takes is three steps: 1) your name, 2) your email address 3) and the message that you desire to convey to your member of Congress.

Fax2DC is on the cusp of a cutting edge political communication revolution.

Visit Fax2DC.com to use this simple yet ingenious platform that is about to be taken to the next level by its creators. 


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