Veterans Party’s Chris Keniston discusses corporate subsidies


Chris Keniston has secured ballot access in two states so far

Chris Keniston, the presidential candidate of the Veterans Party of America, posted the following portion of his campaign platform dealing with corporate subsidies on his Facebook page on August 13th, 2016:

From my Platform, Item XVIII: Corporate Subsidies

There is only one circumstance under which corporate subsidies from the federal government are appropriate: If government actions or regulations directly result in damage to a corporation. One possible example at the present time might be subsidies to the coal industry and coal-fired power plants that have experienced significant financial damages, as a result of the current administration’s admitted “War on Coal” via harsh Environmental Protection Agency regulations. This is not meant as an endorsement of fossil fuels, merely an example of industries that suffered severe losses due to government actions… not to mention their former employees.

Abuse of corporate subsidies has reached an epidemic level in federal government budget authorizations. When the Supreme Court ruled against the Citizens United lawsuit, they gave our elected representatives legal permission to collect as much money as they could raise from corporations and special interests. Over the past 5 years, the 200 most politically active corporations have donated over $5.8 Billion to elected federal representatives. In return, they have received over $4.4 Trillion in taxpayer funding. In the corporate world, we would call that an astronomical Return On Investment. Both parties are guilty and it’s completely legal. And we wonder why this country now has an over $18 Trillion national debt? It’s not illegal amnesty. It’s not welfare, Social Security, Medicare, national parks, border security, education or veterans benefits. It’s Congress and the President rewarding their corporate and special interest donors!

I don’t care if it’s legal. In my opinion, it’s unethical and immoral behavior. It will not continue under my administration. I don’t serve a corporate master. Nor does my party. We serve the American people. No one else.

Without question, a two-party Congress will continue to send such legislation to me. I will not sign it. I will highlight every objectionable authorization, post the bill to the White House website, and send it back vetoed. If they pass it over my veto, you can punish them at the polls by electing Veterans Party of America congressional candidates.

Corporations will no longer be rewarded for buying politicians on my watch. It’s that simple.

Review the full Platform here:

ATPR: Chris Keniston’s running mate is Deacon Taylor. The duo are the first presidential ticket of the Veterans Party of America, which was (in its modern version) founded in December 2013.

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