CNN Green Party Town Hall Review: F+


                CNN’s Green Party Town Hall hosted by Chris Cuomo was a great opportunity for Jill Stein, Harvard doctor  and professional bongo player,  to make her case for President. The network event was also an opportunity for the world to meet Ajamu Baraka (Jill Stein’s running mate). Unfortunately, Stein came across as too much bongo player not enough doctor and Ajamu barely came across at all.

                Stein rarely- if ever- answered Cuomo’s questions directly, taking minutes to answer even “yes or no questions”. Appearing to be nervous, Stein often repeated small phrases. Stein came across as overly defensive yet overly confident  like a kindergarten teacher at Jonestown elementary.  Throughout the debate Stein’s manic body language and slurry, condescending speech often distracted from her many strong points. 

Baraku was more clear in his speech than Stein, but was forgettable overall. Additionally, Baraku’s chemistry with Stein was awkward. After watching the town hall, I am convinced the team just met a few weeks ago on tinder.

To be fair, the debate did seem biased against the green party with  many tough pre-rehearsed questions. And Stein did exhibit  a few flashes of brilliance that have already gone viral (why she is equally afraid of Clinton and Trump).

I also believe she will get another chance on CNN because they are desperate for ratings. Still giving this town hall an “F” for wasting my time, and a “+” for the third party publicity.

Am I wrong or right? Watch for yourself here and comment!

3 responses to “CNN Green Party Town Hall Review: F+

  1. You’re dead wrong. Stein nailed it. And of all the attack ads on Stein you’re the first to spin her prefessional career as nothing more than bongo. Fail on your part, I beleive you slept through the town hall.

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  2. Joshua Fauver

    Yeah, you’re dead wrong. From start to finish this whole critique is horrid. To be honest, I’m entirely convinced that you didn’t even actually watch the Town Hall at all. I don’t even know where to begin with this.

    Let’s start with the fact that you didn’t even bother to spell Ajamu Baraka’s name right. So I, and Elantras reasonably intelligent individual, can’t possibly take any of your criticisms seriously when you can’t even correctly spell the name of the individuals your attempting to criticize. Furthermore, your second paragraph. The entire thin get, from start to finish, is a metaphorical multicar pileup of one oxymoron after the next. “She looked nervous” followed by “she was overly confident” followed by “she was overly defensive.”

    So as to put a fine point on it, you’re to busy falling all over yourself contradicting yourself to present a valid criticism.

    That is to say, this entire, what did you call this rubbish heap of words, oh yes, a “review” is entirely void of any substance whatsoever. There was an hour or more of substance on prime time television last night during that Town Hall. Jill and Ajamu made substantive policy proposals, discussed big ideas, and you offer this piles of manure as a review? Without reviewing, or providing, the first bit of substance. You offer up vague, non specific, fabricated criticisms of what? Their style? Their presentation. This entire thing is void of substance, direction, and/or clarity. And you gave them an F?

    This review is an F and it was a giant waste of time on the part of the author and the readers. All of us will never get back the minute and a half this piece of shoddy work stole from us


  3. Josh is right.

    This was a spectacular success by the Green Party’s Dr. Jill Stein and her VP. Positive Green Party solutions for America. Green Party money makers. Green Party Dr. Jill Stein Green New Deal eco jobs for the economy.

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