John McAfee: Gary Johnson is ‘Libertarian in Name Only’; I’m not endorsing him

Jeff 4 Justice, a third party party oriented vlogger and creator of the No More 2 Party System channel, uploaded a new video on August 3rd featuring former Libertarian Party presidential candidate John McAfee (Transcript below):

Jeff 4 Justice: I’m Jeff 4 Justice and I’m here with John McAfee who just got finished running with the Libertarian Party, you ran for president, and Gary Johnson of course got the nomination. After not getting the nomination, do you still support the Libertarian Party – are you still interested in helping this nation move past the two party system?

John McAfee: Well I’m definitively interested in helping move past the two party system. What I’m doing is I’m supporting the grassroots in the Libertarian Party. I have abandoned the Libertarian Party leadership, and instead I’m working with people running for mayor, for state legislature, for dog catcher, for sheriff. Why? Because we can do something there.

Jeff 4 Justice: Are you not endorsing Gary Johnson?

John McAfee: I’m not endorsing Gary Johnson..let me tell you why. I predicted what would happen – with Gary Johnson we would compromise – and have we not? They ask Gary Johnson in the town hall, ‘what about gun control?’ He says ‘I think we have, the system we have is sufficient.’ Well oh my Lord, please, please. But this is what happens when you get into the political process, into the campaign, you have to compromise because your managers and the people that backed you with money say ‘well, you have to have a chance of winning.’ We’re not gonna win. We’re Libertarians, not this year.

Jeff 4 Justice: It’s interesting to see what’s happening with the Libertarian Party. I think a lot of Libertarians feel that its been co-opted by establishment – I thin some people would call Gary Johnson and Bill Weld LINOs -Libertarian in Name Only, perhaps. Would you go that far?

John McAfee: They are definitively Libertarian in Name Only. I mean, good heavens. Weld actually wants to limit the number of rounds we can put in a magazine, does not think assault rifles should be available – if the assault rifles are available to the criminals, how am I going to protect myself with a handgun? Please.

Jeff 4 Justice: Absolutely. And I’ll share with you that I’m a gay man, and of course we all know what just happened in Orlando. And I don’t want to be used as a pawn to take away Second Amendment or -and we have the right to bear arms regardless of what’s written in paper regardless anyway, but –

John McAfee: Whatever your sexual orientation is, or whatever your color, or whatever your age for that matter-

Jeff 4 Justice: And let me tell ya-

John McAfee: If your father says I’ve trained you, I think you’re okay to have a .22 rifle, have a .22 rifle.

Jeff 4 Justice: Let me tell you, if an economic collapse happens or some sort of major societal breakdown happens, do you think I only want the anti-gay militias and the thugs to have the guns? We want a little protection, too.

John McAfee: Everybody, everybody. So no, Bill Weld and Gary Johnson have become liberal Republicans. And they have abandoned the party and the principles that we stand for. Good Lord, what Libertarian is going to say “well, I think we should restrict the right to own guns. And when Governor Johnson said ‘Yeah, I think it’s okay with the restrictions that we have, including President Obama’s illegal act of making it a crime for you or me to sell a gun to somebody else without an FAA license.

Jeff 4 Justice: Thank you so much, nice to meet you and good luck with your future efforts.

One response to “John McAfee: Gary Johnson is ‘Libertarian in Name Only’; I’m not endorsing him

  1. I didn’t know that my FAA license had anything to do with firearms. Does that mean that I can mount a machinegun on my Cessna?


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