Throwback Thursday: Darrell Castle: Islamic Terror – A Little History


Throwback Thursday: For today’s Throwback Thursday episode, ATPR is going back in time to April 1st, 2016, when Darrell Castle, who at the time was not seeking the Constitution Party’s presidential nomination, released a podcast regarding Islamic terrorism. The text of the podcast is below:

Today is Friday, April 1, 2016, and that makes today April Fools’ Day. There are certainly enough fools in the world today to go around, but today we are going to discuss terrorism and the foolish politicians and policies that have allowed it to flourish,especially in the last fifteen years. This is a tale of war, of assimilation, and of extinction.

President George W. Bush announced that we were engaged in a global war on terror shortly after the attacks of September 11, 2001. He also said, “You’re either with us, or you’re with the terrorists.” I suppose he did that to make sure the entire world was engaged in the conflict. It seems pretty obvious now that terror, especially in Europe, is worse than ever after fifteen years of the global war on terror.

Let’s review some of the things that have happened in this war since then. The United States and its western allies invaded Afghanistan, then Iraq. To some extent, they’re still engaged in both countries. The 9/11 Commission Report states that the cost, in terms of dollars of the 9/11 attacks to the attackers, was estimated to be four hundred to five hundred thousand dollars, and to the United States alone, if you count, in your estimate, the cost of caring for wounded veterans, wounded in the global war on terror, 3.3 trillion dollars. That’s quite a return on investment, isn’t it? I’d take that any day of the week. The United States cannot maintain that ratio forever, obviously, without being economically bled to death.

The governments of Europe, along with the United States, have been very active in the Middle East since then. Two of their moves helped more than any others to fan the fires of what we are facing today. Libya, a country which apparently had not harmed anyone, was invaded, its leadership killed, its political structure destroyed, along with its infrastructure. The air attacks were led by France and Great Britain and paid for by the United States. President Obama appeared to be a reluctant warrior. He entered the invasion reluctantly, but was egged on and manipulated into it by then Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton. The resulting attacks left Libya leaderless and in a chaotic state of civil war. The North African franchises of al-Qaeda and ISIS fought for control of the country, along with many subgroups. The Libyan people poured across the Mediterranean, into Europe, and into the United States when they could get there.

Then, the United States and its allies, for no apparent reason, begin a war in Syria to unseat its leader, Bandar al-Assad, whose family has run Syria for at least 40 years. The same pattern emerges this time, except it’s much worse and takes much longer. The war rages on five years later, and has involved the United States, Russia, Turkey, Great Britain, France, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, and probably Saudi Arabia and the Gulf Arab states as well. ISIS turned out to be a very formidable military group, well-funded, well equipped, well trained, and well led. The group got all that stuff somewhere, and rumor persists that ISIS was designed to help in the overthrow of Mr. Assad.

The result of the war in Syria has been to tear Syria apart, to leave its cities in ruins. If the war itself hasn’t been bad enough for the people who once lived there, ISIS has behaved like medieval savages, killing, kidnapping, raping, and torturing their way across the entire Levant region. The people, not unexpectedly, pour into Europe and the United States by the millions. They are welcomed, even invited into Europe with promises of welfare checks, jobs, free health care, and the like. The numbers of terrorists among them apparently number in the thousands. They rape and murder their host populations. Nothing is done, and hardly anything is even being said about it.

The European leader who is primarily responsible for the millions of migrants being invited into Europe, and therefore, for the terrorism they commit, is German Chancellor Angela Merkel. The people of Germany cry out to her for help. She gets pounded in the regional elections to express the people’s dissatisfaction, but still she will not relent. How bad does this woman hate herself, folks? She hates herself, and she hates Germans, in general, so bad, that she wants to destroy both herself and them. She is so afraid of acknowledging that she is, in fact, a descendant of the Fuhrer that she must destroy her own people to prove she is actually a great humanitarian. Time Magazine’s person of the year, Mrs. Merkel, is not the first German Chancellor to hold the honor of person of the year. Adolf Hitler was the first man of the year, and both of them have done a marvelous job of destroying Europe, and of destroying their own German people.

Europe is now very vulnerable to fast-striking terrorist attacks, both real and fake. Each costs billions of dollars of nonexistent money, and the real attacks cost lives as well. The cost of the Paris attacks to date is listed at ten to 20 billion dollars. The attacks cost the terrorists almost nothing. Just tip off the authorities that a suicide bomber is in some big city airport, and see what happens. The airport is locked down, if not the entire city. That would cost millions of dollars. Now, imagine that happening repeatedly all over Europe, and, say, every tenth one is actually real. It’s a terrible problem. Even the Islamic terrorists tell us it’s going to get worse. The ISIS spokesman taking credit for the brutal murders in Brussels said, “We are everywhere. We are capable of striking wherever we want, whoever we want.”

Chilling words, but we have to prove them wrong, and we won’t do that by being as cheerful and politically correct as President Obama. In response to Brussels and the growing fear of terrorism, he explained that we are more likely to be killed in automobile accidents than by terrorists. That’s easy to say, isn’t it, when you have the White House to live in, the U.S. military to protect you, and Air Force I to fly in! No security lines for him, folks. I’ll bet, if President Obama had been president during the Pearl Harbor attack, he would have said, “Don’t worry, folks. You have more chance of being killed in an auto accident than you do by the Japanese navy.” He’d probably then send a flight of drones all over the Pacific and announce a couple of days later he had killed the number two man in the Japanese navy for the 25th time. Something has to be done, then! But what?

At the end of World War II, Europeans expelled 15 million ethnic Germans from countries across Europe. The Germans were driven out into the cold rain and the mud, raped, starved, and left to die in death camps. That is not a suggested solution for Islamic terrorism, folks, it’s just an historical fact. President Roosevelt, Stalin, and Churchill jointly agreed to this ethnic cleansing at the Potsdam Conference. They did it because the Germans shared the same ethnic culture, language, and bloodline as Hitler. They had to be racially punished for their blood guilt, even if they had been Europeans for the entire 800 years of western civilization, they could never be trusted again. That’s the way these people thought. Of course, the U.S. government then imported 4,000 Nazi scientists to help with the American rocket and jet propulsion programs, and a few were hanged at Nuremberg, but most escaped to South America. That solution might be a little harsh for our world today, folks.

Let’s look at what Dr. Ron Paul offers as a solution. “As in the United States, the security crisis in Europe is directly tied to bad policy. Until the bad policy is changed, no amount of surveillance, racial profiling, and police harassment can make the population safer. Europeans already seem to understand this, and as we have seen in recent German elections they are abandoning the parties that promise that the same old bad policies will, this time, produce different results. Hopefully, Americans will also stand up and demand a change in our foreign policy before bad policy leads to more terrorist violence on our shores.”

That’s okay, Dr. Paul, for our foreign policy; but for domestic policy, I would like to see secure borders,Jihadists deported, and no more Jihadists invited in. I don’t want to be assimilated, folks! And I don’t want to be extinguished! That’s the way I see it.

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