Darcy Richardson: “I believe Jill Stein could be the third place finisher this year”

Darcy Richardson, a political historian and IPR contributor who recently sought the Reform Party’s presidential nomination, was interviewed by the Ric Bratton of TWIA (This Week in America) regarding third party influence in this year’s presidential election. Richardson mentioned that he believes there is a possibility Jill Stein will earn a vote total ten times higher than she received during her 2012 run and possibly even eclipse Gary Johnson for the coveted third place spot this year. Regarding the upcoming presidential debates, he brought up in that in his view Gary Johnson is a very weak debater who his rivals for the Libertarian nomination “mopped the floor with” and who often has a “deer- in-the-headlights look” when asked a serious policy question. Richardson also briefly discussed the American Solidarity Party. Richardson’s interview is slated to air on more than 150 AM and FM radio stations across the country this month and was uploaded to YouTube on yesterday (length: 24 minutes).

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