Green Party: Statement on the Louisiana Floods of 2016



Green Party of Louisiana

For immediate release:
Saturday, August 20, 2016

Ryan Hargis, Secretary, Green Party of Louisiana
(504) 613-4224,

In the aftermath of the historic flooding in Louisiana, we in the Green Party of Louisiana extend our deepest condolences to all of our fellow Louisianians who have suffered loss because of the tragedy.

During these times, we are reminded of our ability to overcome calamities by overcoming our differences.

We are currently supporting several grassroots groups, such as TogetherBR ( ), North Baton Rouge Disaster Relief ( ) and Mutual Aid Disaster Relief ( ) in their efforts to provide emergency aid to flood victims.

We also remind flood victims to start FEMA and insurance processing as soon as possible to help avoid potential delays as were experienced in the wake of Katrina.

To make a FEMA claim, visit this website:

As Greens, we see the Louisiana flood as further evidence of the global crisis posed by climate change. The flood comes on the heels of the hottest month ever recorded and is the eighth “500 year” rain event in the U.S this year. Until humans make global, sweeping changes to our economic and social systems, we must expect these types of disasters to continue regularly. The Green Party of Louisiana calls for the rapid elimination of the fossil fuel economy.

Furthermore, we recognize what was so apparent during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina — the unjust reality that those most greatly affected by these disasters are too often the poor and peoples of color. The floods have displaced people of different races, ethnicities, and economic status.

Louisiana Greens said that, in light of the neglect and expulsion of Black residents from New Orleans after Katrina, the flood poses a challenge for relief efforts to show that all lives matter. The recovery will be unfair and uneven if we don’t fight. The Green Party of Louisiana will fight for equitable insurance payouts and assistance for all affected residents and against the vultures of disaster capitalism.

“For all the strong Louisianans out there, the ones rescuing, volunteering, surviving, and thriving, you represent what it truly means to be human and what it means to be good,” said Simone Crochet, Green Party member and resident of Houma, Louisiana.

~ END ~

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