Former Pennsylvania LP chair Steve Scheetz endorses Augustus Invictus


Steve Scheetz

ATPR: Libertarian U.S. Senate candidate Augustus Invictus shared the following note today on his Facebook page from former Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania chairman Steve Scheetz, who presently serves as a member of the Libertarian Party Radical Caucus’ Candidate Endorsement Review Committee:

For those who do not know me, my name is Steve Scheetz, I am a former Chairman of the Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania, and while I am not certain that what I say will carry much weight in Florida, I am writing to formally endorse Augustus Sol Invictus.

Like many Libertarians not living in Florida, I read this name and snapped a judgement. I asked myself: “The Libertarian Party of Florida is seriously putting this guy forward as a candidate for the Senate?” I then read / heard about some of the internal issues within the Libertarian Party of Florida, and I stopped considering it as anything serious.

However, I learned later that this was a mistake, like so many other snap judgments. Something amazing happened. I went to the Libertarian Party Convention in Orlando, Florida, spoke to over 1000 Libertarians! To those of you who were there, I know you all know what I mean when I say that the experience was absolutely AMAZING! I met with Augustus Invictus, and my snap judgment (which I never talked about publicly until now) changed. I found myself wanting to learn more about him, and about Paul Stanton, his competitor for the nomination to run for Senate.

After doing quite a bit of homework, and after giving both men an equal shot based on what they have written, what they said when I spoke with them, etc. I arrived at a conclusion. What I look for, when I consider a candidate for endorsement, is a consistently Libertarian stance / message in the candidate’s writings, and in the candidate’s speeches.

Augustus Invictus has delivered a consistent message that is Libertarian throughout his campaign, and because of this I am very proud to say that I am endorsing him in his bid for the Libertarian Nomination to run and represent Florida in the Senate of the United States!


Steve Scheetz

ATPR: The Libertarian Party primary election for U.S. Senate will be held on August 30th, 2016. Invictus is running against Paul Stanton for the nomination. 

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