Green Party of Rhode Island calls for passage of Community Safe Act (CSA)


PROVIDENCE — The State Committee of the Green Party of Rhode Island has written to Providence Mayor Jorge Elorza and key City Council members, calling for immediate passage of the proposed Community Safety Act (CSA), currently languishing before the City Council.

The CSA would create stronger checks-and-balances for law enforcement, to ensure safer encounters between officers and residents. For example, it would prohibit racial and ethnic profiling, implement a “standardized encounter form” to document police-citizen interaction, and set limits on police use of non-essential traffic stops, warrantless surveillance, and the so-called ‘gang list’.

Green Party of Rhode Island

For release
Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Andrew Stewart, 401-573-6759,

“After months of discussions, negotiations, and amendments this important reform is ready for approval. Further delays are inexcusable and potentially dangerous,” according to Andrew Stewart, a spokesperson for the Green Party. “Providence should learn from other cities, and move quickly to prevent another tragedy.”

The Greens have written to Councillors Jo Ann Ryan, Brian Principe, Seth Yurdin, and John Igliozzi, urging them to move the ordinance to approval.

Mayor Jorge Elorza has also heard from the Greens, who asked him to remind the Police Department that the CSA is an opportunity to build stronger community ties while making officers’ jobs more safe and secure.

Unless the ordinance is approved soon, the Green Party says further protests may be necessary.

“We strongly support the work of of the CSA Coalition, as well as #BlackLivesMatter / Movement for Black Lives,” said Stewart, “as residents pressure the City through demonstrations and rallies calling for the CSA’s passage.”

According to the Greens, the CSA would be a positive step towards a more equitable city and state for all residents, bringing Rhode Island closer to what Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. described as a beloved community, allowing police and civilians work more peaceably together, by decreasing the fears that strain relations between the two. ###

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