The Libertarian Republic: Gary Johnson Alters Position, Now Support Mandatory Vaccination

(The following was originally published in The Libertarian Republic.)

Libertarian Presidential Candidate Gary Johnson recently reversed his stance on mandatory vaccination. Governor Johnson had previously held a staunchly pro-choice position, allowing each individual to choose for himself and each parent to choose on behalf of  their child to vaccinate or not. Recently Johnson reversed his position.

In my opinion, this is a local issue. If it ends up to be a federal issue, I would come down on the side of science, and I would probably require that vaccine.”

In phrasing it that way, Gary Johnson appears to have difficulty with two concepts: 1) What is science and 2) what are individual rights.

2 responses to “The Libertarian Republic: Gary Johnson Alters Position, Now Support Mandatory Vaccination

  1. First Gary wants to force you to bake a Nazi cake, now he wants to force you to inject your children with medication, chemicals and disease…what happened to Choice?? The big pharma companies are exempt from liability, we may want to check if any new money to the Johnson campaign comes from them.


  2. Apparently this is not the same Gary Johnson who was a much more solid libertarian on the issues in 2012 than he now appears to be.
    What has happened? Are his current advisors covert RINO moles? Has his CFR stooge running mate gained too much influence? Has he sold out to pragmatism in an effort to pay off previous campaign debts?
    This year, with the Obnoxious Orange Ego and Madame Mao being so overwhelmingly unpopular, Libertarians finally have a good chance to make some solid national progress. But our “top of the ticket” leadership is wasting (or sabotaging?) the opportunity.
    And personally, if ANYONE tries to stick any needle in me against my will and choice, that person will soon need help retrieving the needle and syringe from a part of their anatomy “where the sun don’t shine”.


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