Top 10 Reasons Not to Vote for Constitution Party Candidate Darrell Castle

Darrell Castle is Not a Serious or Legitimate Choice for President

by Josh Gurket, The Libertarian Republic

Some libertarians, upset with the nomination of Gary Johnson, as well as the choices of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, have begun pondering the possibility of voting for Constitution Party candidate Darrell Castle. He is scheduled to be on enough ballots (when including write-in eligible states) to theoretically win the election. However, deeper inspection into his record indicates a very frightening candidacy. While he is good on many issues which libertarians hold dear, on others, he and his party are as bad or worse than the Republicans and Democrats. These are the top ten reasons not to vote for the Constitution Party and Darrell Castle.

1. Immigration

Do you think Donald Trump is too lenient on immigration? Perhaps in that case, Castle might be the answer. However, for libertarians who generally favor a simpler path for potential workers, Castle’s policies seem absurd at best and draconian at worst.

According to ISideWith, using answers Castle himself supplied, he agrees with literally every Trump point on immigration. However, he goes even further, supporting a blanket ban on ALL immigration until the “border is secured.” Castle provides no definition for when the border would be deemed “secure” enough to again allow immigration. He bluntly ignores the failures of the current bureaucratic system, asserting that “There is a current pathway to citizenship: it is called ‘legal immigration.’”…

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2 responses to “Top 10 Reasons Not to Vote for Constitution Party Candidate Darrell Castle

  1. Wow,I’m not surprised you posted a hit piece of Mr.Castle.Some of the issues the writer cites are lies.For example,Mr.Castle’s position on gay marriage is that the government should be out of it altogether.In another comment here you posted the the CP did not get on the Minnesota ballot,they did.the proves that your so obsessed with criticizing the CP that you didn’t wait for the page to update.Do you ever post anything not to do with the CP?


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