Updated Ballot Access Maps For ‘Big 3’

Green Party (Stein/Baraka)

Libertarian Party (Johnson/Weld)

Constitution Party (Castle/Bradley)

Ballot Access Map - master18

3 responses to “Updated Ballot Access Maps For ‘Big 3’

  1. Congrats to all, the libertarians have been doing a great job. The greens have really picked it up this election and although the Constiution party is still hit or miss across the country, they are doing better….There is no reason all three of these parties shouldnt be on all the ballots..the dems and repubs need thrown out and give the people a real voice. Allow competition and stop trying to throw candidates off the ballot..Good look to all three parties in the fall.


  2. Good luck, haha


  3. Nope, the CP is doing the same as they did in 2012; they might be on some states that they missed the last prez. election, but they also failed to get on in some states that they were on back in 2012.


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