Augustus Invictus: Only days away to keep the revolution going!


From Libertarian U.S. Senate candidate Augustus Invictus’ Facebook page, August 26th, 2016:

Dear Freedom Lover,

As Nicholas Klein said in a 1914 speech, “First they ignore you. Then they ridicule you. And then they attack you and want to burn you. And then they build monuments to you.”

The establishment has tried to ignore Augustus Invictus. They tried to push him out with a planted candidate. The media has slandered, ridiculed and minimized him.

But he has persevered. . .

Persevered through loss social status, ostracized professionally, endured personal losses no one outside of his inner circle will ever know.

And still he fights on for you and for me. He fights on for his children, that they might NOT wake up as slaves on the continent their forefathers conquered.

Augustus Invictus is the ONLY politician in America who isn’t looking for power, he isn’t looking for riches, he isn’t looking for fame. . .

He seeks only to gut the mighty beast that is the Federal Government. Sigurd against the dragon. David vs Goliath. . .

However, he will never get the chance to fight the fight for you and I unless he wins the primary election just days away.

And for that, he needs your help. If you are a registered Libertarian in Florida, please consider making calls in your local area. And certainly make sure you vote for Augustus in the primary election on (or before) the 30th.

You can learn more about volunteering here. . .

If you are a supporter outside the state of Florida, please spread the message online. Contact your friends and family in Florida and ask them to support our cause.

And no matter where you are, please consider making a donation. Whether you can spare $3 or $300…each and every dollar counts.

Take a stand against the bloated monstrous beast that is the Federal Government.

Help Augustus defend your liberties. . .

Volunteer and donate today!!

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