Augustus Invictus: On the road to victory!


From Augustus Invictus’ Facebook page, August 27th, 2016:

Fellow Liberty Lover,

As many of you know, we are just days from the very first Libertarian U.S. Senate primary in Florida’s history. It is more important than ever that we keep our revolution going.

Over the past couple of years we have gradually, yet unmistakably, risen to prominence within the Libertarian Party of Florida and started a movement which has begun to shake and deconstruct the corrupt foundations of the deceitful, intrusive political landscape surrounding us nationally.

We will not stop until we seize power from the gridlocked elite in Washington and return that power in the People, from whose grasp it should never have been taken. . .

And while it has been a tough road, filled with countless personal attacks on Augustus Invictus, his family, and the Invictus campaign, still we continue to persevere together. We continue to rise above these challenges together. We don’t stop here. . .

We keep fighting “the good fight” for you and the future of America.

In just a few days we face the primary election against “Statist” Stanton. Stanton’s campaign strategy can be wrapped up in the following statement: “I might not be perfect, but at least I didn’t drink goat’s blood!” He then proceeds to avoid public debate or interaction with Augustus Invictus, no matter how hard we tried.

But here’s the really sad part: his strategy is working. . . at least with the people who don’t really know Augustus Invictus, have not yet heard him speak, or have not yet read his ideas in writing.

If everyone reading this donated merely $3, it would provide enough funds to spread the word even further – enough to win the primary.

Once Libertarians see with their own eyes, what the candidates stand for, once we can compare and contrast Invictus with Stanton, there is no contest. We are easily swayed to support Augustus Invictus for U.S. Senate.

Really, it would not take much to “slam dunk” the entire primary campaign. Invictus has the platform, the legal experience, and the depth of understanding how the worlds of politics and legislature operate. Were we able to get our liberty message to the voters, the next step of our revolutionary campaign would be in the bag.

Time is running out and we need your help today. . .

Please help us drive our revolution forward. As the nominee for a U.S. Senate seat from the 3rd largest political party in the country, Augustus Invictus will have a platform we can use to bring real and lasting change to the United States Government.

All of this takes money and that’s why we are reaching out today. . .

We pledge to persevere with all diligence in until we bring about the government American people want and deserve. We will not stop fighting for you.

Whether you choose to share $3, $30, or $300 today, your support is greatly appreciated.

Now is the time to dig even further. We are drawing close to the next step in our journey to fundamentally change politics in our nation’s capital, help catapult Augustus Invictus over the top.

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