Gary Johnson campaign opens Illinois Victory Center in Chicago (photos)


(Photo: Alex Braverman)

On August 20th, 2016, the Gary Johnson campaign opened an Illinois Victory Center at 2305 W Foster Ave in Chicago. The campaign held a housewarming party and open to the public to officiate the occasion.

Alex Braverman, a 61-year old immigrant from Russia and a Johnson supporter who told ATPR that he was never before involved in the political process until this election, attended the event and provided ATPR with pictures. Braverman, who donated a coffee machine to the brand new office, said that roughly a dozen people attended the event, but no members of mainstream media outlets like the Chicago Tribune were present. Braverman is the owner of Alex Braverman Photography.

Below are several photos Braverman provided to ATPR, as well as a few taken from Facebook (ATPR would sincerely like to thank Mr. Braverman for providing his photos and providing some background):


(Photo: Alex Braverman)

unnamed (3)

(Photo: Alex Braverman)

unnamed (4)

(Photo: Alex Braverman)

An attendee uploaded a two-minute video tour of the office as well on the Illinois for Gary Johnson 2016 Facebook page:

Another video was posted on the page the same day featuring Justin Tucker, the Illinois for Gary Johnson volunteer coordinator:

A social followed the office opening at a nearby locale:


Claire Bell, Libertarian Party candidate for Illinois comptroller (Photo: Alex Braverman)


(Photo: Alex Braverman)

Meanwhile, on August 27th, 2016, the Illinois for Gary Johnson Victory Center held a phone bank for the Libertarian presidential ticket.

This ATPR editor reached out to a member of the Johnson campaign who attended the August 20th event with some questions regarding the new office, the grand opening, the office’s hours of operation and the purposes for which it will be utilized. If the campaign authorizes the brief interview, ATPR will publish the answers as soon as we receive them.

As of today, the Johnson/Weld campaign has not yet announced when it will hold a rally in the Land of Lincoln. The campaign did announce earlier today, however, that Johnson and Weld will speak at a Serbian center in nearby Milwaukee, Wisconsin on September 1st.

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