Floridians, change the course of history and nominate Augustus Invictus for U.S. Senate today!


By Krzysztof Lesiak

Today is August 30th, 2016 – and it is primary day in the Sunshine State and America’s favorite vacation destination. In this hotly contested battleground of a peninsula, establishment statists Marco Rubio and Patrick Murphy are expected to easily coast to uninspiring victories in their respective duopoly senatorial primaries. But when it comes to the Libertarian Party of Florida’s U.S. Senate primary, an epic match between two starkly different contenders holds the potential to not only decide the outcome of the tossup general election in November – and in turn, the deciding factor in the balance of the United States Senate- but also the future of the liberty movement as a whole.

Today, Augustus Sol Invictus is squaring off against Paul Stanton in the most closely watched third party primary of at the very least the 21st century. This showdown of David vs. Goliath proportions pits a genuine freedom fighter against not only the “gang of thieves -writ large” – as the prominent libertarian political theorist Murray Rothbard called the state -but also against the entire Establishment of said freedom fighter’s own Libertarian Party, which desperately recruited his challenger, Stanton, in a feverish last minute attempt to quell  the immense power of Invictus’ message and the ideas he represents that have begun spreading like wildfire across the country.

Along with one of the founders of Jews for Augustus Invictus, Max Dickstein,  I, Krzysztof Lesiak, the founder of American Third Party Report, formally endorsed Invictus in his primary race in July, and now, as the final countdown is down to mere hours or even minutes until Libertarians head to the polls, my staunch support for American’s Most Dangerous Libertarian is the strongest that it has ever been. Augustus Invictus represents a new generation of leaders in the Libertarian movement who are unafraid to challenge to cult of the omnipotent state at every level and have the courage to face whatever state issued consequences their convictions, words and even actions may bring. Invictus represents the cream of the crop of the libertarian movement and even the Libertarian Party itself, and his intelligence, writing abilities and oratorical talent make him the rising star of the most select elite among Libertarian Millenials. Invictus’ fight against the tyranny of state as a criminal defense attorney representing numerous victims of the “War on Drugs” and the so-called “War on Terror” – which included targeted members of The American Front- makes him extremely well suited to tackle the largest purveyor of violence and systematic, unwarranted suppression of both individual and collective freedoms that we call the state- as a complete outsider infiltrating its ranks in the United States Senate.

Invictus has the passion necessary for his valiant crusade to reach what would be considered by Beltway political operatives unimaginable heights. A writer and critic of the direction the modern world is heading in, Invictus realized the overwhelming necessity of political action when the federal government, through the arm of its infamous Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA),  raided and shut down the pharmacy he worked at as a technician due to an obscure, alleged code “violation” and threw his family into dire financial straits and even for a time -quite literally- in the streets. The Florida libertarian at that point in his life must have heard the words of his father ringing loudly in his ears; “Law and justice are two totally different things… And it is our job to seek justice.”Since the day of that harrowing experience brought on by the state, Invictus vowed, as he relayed to the host of a popular radio program in February of this year, that his mission would be to defend victims of the government’s Soviet-esque tyranny, first as a lawyer and then entrant into the political sphere and shut down the DEA for good.

His road ahead is a rough one paved with obstacles, but his journey against the state may well transcend into a new level as the election results begin trickling in, a little less than a dozen hours from now.Despite countless attacks from the corporate-controlled media, Leftist agitators, so-called “antifascists” (who have violently tried to quash his right to freedom of speech), and even – most sadly of all – other self-described libertarians, Invictus’ speeches, writings, media appearances and (of course) his bold campaign platform phenomenally reflect the core principles of classical libertarianism, especially, to a rather great extent, the Rothbardian/Hoppean paleolibertarian strain of the movement currently experiencing a revival in the United States and reaching a record level of popularity in such European nations as Poland, where the country’s de facto libertarian leader, Janusz Korwin-Mikke, has with brute honesty and without mincing words pinpointed the culprits of the extreme full-frontal assault on liberty and Western Civilization.

Invictus, like many of the world’s most influential libertarians, understands the important role that healthy, non-chauvinistic nationalism has in providing impenetrable resistance to the disease of globalism that seeks to strip human beings of their national and cultural identities and turn them into mindless consumers and worker drones in the service of multinational corporations and international banksters. As a father of four half- Hispanic children, he rightly acknowledges the importance in maintaining strong borders, not just in the United States, but on the European continent as well, in ensuring the tranquility of order that results from voluntarily (culturally and even, in certain regards, ethnically) homogeneous societies working together to achieve shared interests and goals while simultaneously respecting the rights of sovereign individuals to pursue the destinies they see best fit for themselves and their families, while living their personal lives in the manner they wish to while simultaneously realizing the importance of maintaining social accord with those others around them. Invictus rightly acknowledges, as does the widely acclaimed Rothbard protégé Hans Herman Hoppe, that mass immigration must be prevented to avoid  societal collapse. Invictus correctly writes in his platform that mass, unchecked immigration “heralds the fall of entire civilizations,” and adds words of wisdom that millions of native European inhabitants are waking up to due to many of the so-called “refugees”  from third world countries brutally raping European women from Paris to Cologne and to Rome and to Stockholm and to London, disregarding culturally acceptable societal norms and practices, refusing to assimilate to help maintain the natural order of things and enjoying  taxpayer subsidized welfare benefits: Invictus aptly writes that “Open borders, amnesty to illegal immigrants, and the recruitment of refugees: these are suicidal policies that must be ended.”

The Libertarian United State Senate candidate astutely observes the crisis of modern-day Europe, and knows that the calamity of open borders threatens the liberty and very existence of both the peoples of Europe and the United States. Invictus knows that a nation without borders is a stepping stone to global, tyrannical and anti-libertarian world government, a scenario that could very well be taken from the scariest of dystopian horror novels. And since throughout the ages, the world’s banking elite has mused that the control of the money supply of a nation vastly outweighs the importance any lawmakers may have in it, Invictus calls for end to the Federal Reserve cartel, the signature principle of libertarian icon Ron Paul, identifying the private central bank as the “foremost cause of economic ruin in our country.” The Libertarian hopeful follows up by calling for the abolition of the Internal Revenue Service and the income tax, as well as balancing the federal budget and ceasing reckless government spending.

Speaking of anti-libertarian ideas – Invictus squarely rejects them by recognizing the importance of the Non-Aggression Principle, quoting John Locke on his website: “Being all equal and independent, no one ought to harm another in his life, health, liberty, or possessions.”  In this vein, Invictus, as earlier stated, calls for the complete end to the government’s “War on Drugs,” as well as the termination of the bureaucratic red tape of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and the rejection of the “false dichotomy” of having to choose between”strict regulation and lack of corporate accountability” in regards to such types of government regulation, preferring freely choosing individuals in the marketplace to make the medical and drug-related choices they see as best fit for themselves by cooperating with each other to hold corporations responsible for the products they release on the market. As police are a tool of the state in enforcing various state sanctioned regulations and bans, an abrupt halt to the liberty-infringing militarization of police is another tenet of Invictus’ platform. Invictus clearly states that as a potential future senator, he is very much opposed to infringing and legislating people’s personal and private lives. He likewise recognizes the critical role that state enforced public education, which could also arguably be called public indoctrination, plays in uprooting human beings from their natural conscientiousness and family centered environments, breeds unnatural, materialism- worshiping conformity and discourages the development of a child’s true and unique talent. Invictus writes: “One-size-fits-all” education standards set by a central authority are harmful to both the most gifted and most challenged children.” Since the attainment of knowledge and skills is universally recognized as a key component of human nature, the physical nature that surrounds human begins must in and of itself  be preserved. Invictus writes, loosely bringing to mind George Carlin’s critique of America as a nation that has become one giant, transcontinental shopping mall, that “where urban sprawl may threaten our American Wilderness, there we must decide which we cherish more: strip malls or our children’s heritage.”

In a consistent and coherent fashion, Invictus applies the Non-Aggression Principle, also referred to as the Golden Rule by Dr. Ron Paul during a memorable GOP debate, to his outlook on American foreign policy. The proper view on the United States’ relations with the rest of the world cannot be possibly described better than Invictus has done on his website, quote:

For the past hundred years, the United States has involved itself in the wars of the world, justifying its greed with dubious talk of peace and brotherhood. Our Government has assumed the mantle of the world’s policeman, dedicated to interfering with the Governments of other nations in other parts of the globe. This has cost us an extraordinary amount of American lives, countless trillions of dollars, and untold embarrassment. We must embrace a policy of non-intervention without becoming isolationist; we must lead the world without becoming the monsters we swore to fight; we must decline to waste billions of dollars protecting reckless allies and laying waste to sovereign countries in the name of humanity.

Finally, this partial primer of Invictus’ radical, pro-liberty platform could not be rounded out without mentioning just some of the libertarian aspects of his agenda for criminal justice reform, which he unveiled with an endorser of his, Miami Dade County Community Councilman-elect Keon Antonio Grayson. In his special “criminal justice” sub-platform, Invictus calls for the elimination of slave labor in the prison system, the prohibition of civil asset forfeiture, the abolition – in line with the Libertarian Party’s platform – of the death penalty, and ending Mandatory Minimum sentences and the solitary confinement of juvenile offenders in federal prisons. Invictus’ career as an advocate of those accused by the state of committing crimes is reflected in his compassion for those behind the razor-wire and in his rehabilitation based plans to help uplift those who lose their freedoms enough to possibly one day successfully reenter society as once-again free (or as free as they can be under the current system) men and women.

Invictus’s hard fought campaign is likely the most misunderstood and most slandered candidacy in recent American political memory. This campaign of slander and bias -seething in hatred- is propagated by the actual fourth branch of government known as the media. Likewise, Marxist rabble-rousers and possibly well-intentioned but irrationally misguided left-libertarians, knowingly or unknowingly in cahoots with the movers and shakers within America’s third largest political party, have done everything possible – and said everything possible- to derail Invictus’s campaign, which is a campaign for a nomination he has unquestionably earned over the course of more than a year of hard work and near constant, aggressive campaigning that has even included a cross country speaking circuit. By sundown on the East Coast, Americans will know if America’s most dangerous libertarian prevails over the establishment forces (both in the government and in the Libertarian Party itself) that have tried every move in the book to keep a prime spokesman for a  radical, visionary movement at bay. The final countdown is now upon us, as the hands on the clock keep ferociously ticking away.

To Florida’s approximately 25,000 registered Libertarians: know that rejecting the status quo is the reason your Party was founded in the first place nearly forty-five years ago. The status quo tells you that a man who is simply willing to engage in respectful dialogue with those individuals on the far ends of the political spectrum and does not hysterically disavow such individuals twenty-four hours a day, non-stop, is some sort of vampirical neo-Nazi who wants America to plunge into its second – or, more accurately from a Southern standpoint – first civil war and calls for the commencement of bloodshed in the streets. Nothing could be further from the truth. Augustus Sol Invictus is a man who has witnessed first hand the criminal nature of the institution known as the state and fought for the rights of those downtrodden individuals the state has caught within its cross-hairs. He has studied the reasons for the decline of Modern Man and decided to heroically offer himself to stand in the way of the downward spiral that threatens human liberty and existence. He, Invictus, has provided important contributions to the modern political dialogue in the form of well received and highly viewed speeches, “fireside chats,” and countless writings, some of them spanning dozens upon dozens of pages. He has taken uncompromising, no holds barred stances on the issues facing this nation and has defended his views like a true man of courage and conviction in the face of a total onslaught from all fronts.

All in all, Augustus Sol Invictus, as a candidate for the Libertarian Party’s United States Senate nomination in the state where oranges and sandy beaches abound, is spearheading a crusade to both Make Libertarianism Great Again and secure the freedom of all Americans to live in accordance with their values, virtues and morals in a society where the state’s role is kept to a minimum and national, cultural, religious and likewise individual identity can flourish in harmonious coexistence. Invictus’ campaign is, in short, nothing less than a battle for the heart, mind and soul of America, or at least, just for today – the hearts, minds and souls several thousands of registered Florida Libertarians.

Reject the materialistic and self-absorbed decadence of the Leftist modern world and the encroaching soon-to-be unstoppable totalitarianism of the state and send a proud middle finger to the Establishment Elites by nominating one of the true, revolutionary statesmen of our time. Just as the Republican Establishment was dealt an inconceivable and almost miraculously executed blow when Virginia primary voters gave House Majority Leader Eric Cantor the pink slip and chose outsider Dave Bratt to de facto be their next congressman just two short years ago, the Libertarian Party voters of Florida now have the opportunity to make history and reject the increasingly shadowy Establishment of what has always been traditionally known as The Party of Principle.

Florida Voters: today, choose to make history with Augustus Sol Invictus as your Libertarian Party nominee for the United States Senate. You may never have such an opportunity again, and the time is running out, both figuratively and literally. Augustus Sol Invictus represents what could very well be a turning point in a growing movement to take back the American nation  from the criminal Elites that have plundered and pillaged this once great land and the Cultural Marxists who have come perilously close to destroying this country’s collective soul.

Vote today for the most Dangerous Libertarian in America – a captain, agitator and true rebel in the spirit of the Founding Fathers – Augustus Sol Invictus. History rests on your shoulders, Florida Libertarians!


Krzysztof Lesiak

Founder, American Third Party Report

August 30th, 2016 – the vicinities of Chicago

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  1. Aaaaaaaand he lost by a wide margin.


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