Top 5 Reasons Gary Johnson Will Be In the Presidential Debates

by Josh Guckert

Libertarians will be following presidential election news closely over the coming weeks. This is in large part because the Commission on Presidential Debates (15%) is set to announce which candidates will participate in their annual forums. Though the CPD has set a 15% threshold to advance to the debates, this realistically only affects Gary Johnson. While Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton will reach that mark, and Jill Stein has not come close, Johnson has been mentioned as the third-party candidate and has come within striking distance of the number. These are the five reasons why Johnson will be in the Presidential Debates.

1. Americans Want Johnson on the Stage for the Debates

As reported by The Libertarian Republic, a recent poll shows that 62% of Americans would be interested in seeing Gary Johnson in the debates. This is interesting in that it suggests even those who do not know of Johnson or his policies still wish to see him debate. With this large desire in the American populace, the CPD and networks have a clear incentive to feed this curiosity…

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