Evan McMullin campaign: “We intend to win Utah”

In a new video released earlier today by the Evan McMullin presidential campaign, McMullin’s chief strategist Joel Searby said:

We’re building our Utah victory operation, where we are actually going to go in Utah. And that is, I think – will largely be driven by the some of the folks in this room, saying “here’s what think we need to do to go get that done. There’s so much energy in Utah for Evan, and so we wanna leverage that energy and have grassroots activity happening out of here but spreading to the entire country. But I envision both a very traditional effort, but also being really  creative with some of the digital tools that we have. And we intend to win Utah. 100% clear, that’s the goal.

As of today, according to Wikipedia, Evan McMullin is on the ballot in 8 states: Utah, Arkansas, Colorado, Iowa, Idaho, Louisiana, Minnesota and Virginia, for a total access to 62 Electoral College votes.

One response to “Evan McMullin campaign: “We intend to win Utah”

  1. Forget Anthony Weiner; McMullin and his campaign staff just earned the Most Delusional Award.


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