Throwback Thursday: Remembering the Minnesota Farmer-Labor Party

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Minnesota Farmer-Labor Party Poster 1936

Throwback Thursday: The Minnesota Farmer-Labor party was a successful merging of the urban and rural working classes of Minnesota who together, despite constant negative press, managed to dominate Minnesota politics during the Roaring 20’s and Depression era Minnesota.  Their electoral successes include 3 Minnesota Governors, 4 United States Senators, 8 United States Representatives and a majority in the Minnesota legislature.

Governors of Minnesota who were Farmer–Labor
Floyd B. Olson (1931–1936)
Hjalmar Petersen (1936–1937)
Elmer Austin Benson (1937–1939)
United States Senators from Minnesota who were Farmer–Labor
Henrik Shipstead (1923–1941); later became a Republican
Magnus Johnson (1923–1925)
Elmer Austin Benson (1935–1937)
Ernest Lundeen (1937–1940)
United States Representatives from Minnesota who were Farmer–Labor
William Leighton Carss (1919–1921, 1925–1929)
Ole J. Kvale (1923–1929)
Knud Wefald (1923–1927)
Paul John Kvale (1929–1939)
Henry M. Arens (1933–1935)
Magnus Johnson (1933–1935)
Ernest Lundeen (1933–1937)
Francis Shoemaker (1933–1935)
John T. Bernard (1937-1939)

“I am not a liberal, I am what I want to be – I am a radical.” -F.B. Olsen

1922 Farmer-Labor Convention delegates in Minneapolis


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