Green Party of Texas strongly opposes Dakota Access Pipeline


From the Green Party’s website, September 2nd, 2016:

Dallas, Texas — In solidarity with activists currently ignored by most media, the Green Party of Texas stands with indigenous tribes, residents and others mobilizing to stop the Dakota Access Pipeline Project (DAPL). The umbrella company funding construction of the “Bakken” pipeline is Energy Transfer Partners; former governor Rick Perry sits on the board.

The Green Party values ecological wisdom. We believe it foolhardy to construct another massive pipeline (7 miles shorter than the failed Keystone XL’s length) to haul some of the world’s dirtiest oil across four states. Just as the proposed pipeline from the Canadian Tar Sands to Texas’ Valero site was struck down, we join with the people of the Dakotas, Iowa, and Illinois in the hope that DAPL meets the same fate.

Media Advisory

For Immediate Release
September 1, 2016

Joy Leung, CoChair, Dallas Co Green Party, 214-334-4287
kat gruene, Media Committee, GPTX, 210-471-1791

Just as in the Texas Eagle Ford Shale, the oil underneath the Bakken formation portends further economic-insecurity for the residents, and long-term ecological disaster for the communities around the pipeline. Oil booms and busts leave communities devastated with contamination of land and water sources, long-term health problems, and economic failure. We need sustainable, long-term solutions to energy production that do not cause harm. To this end the Green Party calls on the Army Corps of Engineers to suspend the permitting process for DAPL.

Sparked by indigenous resistance, we recognize that DAPL treads on our most vulnerable, and historically marginalized peoples: Indigenous Americans. “The Federal Government has continually disrespected our treaties with Sovereign Tribal Nations, used their lands as toxic dumping grounds, and committed cultural and physical genocide of their peoples,” said Gary Stuard, Candidate for US House District 32. “We are joining our voices to those of our native brothers and sisters in demanding respect for Tribal Lands and Waters and SAY No to DAPL.”

Martina Salinas, Green Party candidate for Texas Railroad Commission, the state agency which regulates the oil and gas industry, states, “The one the thing Texans hate most are eminent domain land grabs. No one should be forced by government to give up the use of their land for private corporate benefit. If those in elected office do not stand with the people against DALP then they do not serve the public interest, but private industry, and they will be replaced.”

This November 8, the Green Party offers Texans a genuine alternative to the status quo of power-over and authority by putting forth candidates who regard elected office as a duty and responsibility to all the people.

In Dallas tomorrow, Friday, Sept 2, there will be a #NoDAPL action from 11a-1:30p at 8111 WESTCHESTER DRIVE, DALLAS, TX 75225. Full Details of the event can be found here:

Full list of Green Party of Texas Candidates

Green Party of Texas

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