Coming Out as Libertarian

by Cody Quirk

This editorial has been long overdue for those that have followed, or paid close attention to my political progression over the past 4 years, of which has changed a bit drastically since our last presidential election. This editorial, in addition, will also serve somewhat as an apology to several Libertarian bloggers and commentators that I have argued and spared with online in the past over ideology, the U.S. Constitution, and various other government and social factors that, I now realize I was wrong and they were right… Along with having to take back a previous conclusion that I made about Libertarianism and it’s political voice, which I now identify with -from an old editorial, long ago.

While I might be knowledgeable on many things- I’m still only human, and of course I can be ignorant, even foolish on some subjects and in some situations, including politics and previously on the subject of Libertarianism itself. Back then I was blind and in denial for a long time about the practical application of libertarianism with our country’s system of governance, general society, and the matching comparisons that it has with our nation’s constitution and the views of the majority of the founding fathers. I even kept my head in the sand about the truth of how the right-wing populism from the days of George Wallace in the minor-party world, and social conservatism in general -are dying off as the Baby-boomers and Reagan Democrats grow much older and smaller in their numbers and influence are likewise dying off while the younger generations and the American mainstream of today look to more socially liberal beliefs and ideologies that are not exactly defined by the left-right political spectrum. Hence, even in the world of American politics; the times indeed are a-changin’.

While of course right-wing populism is enjoying a sudden surge in mainstream politics at this moment because of the candidacy of Donald Trump and the unorthodox, “anti-establishment” message that he is presenting; nevertheless it is through the Republican Party, and that major party alone, that such an ideology might prosper for a time in this country; after all, through the decades the GOP has successfully gained and still maintains a monopolistic hold upon such mass reactionary attitudes and notions here, and that is not going to change anytime soon. Yet unlike Europe and that continent’s politics; in the United States, however -such a right-wing shade is not going to last in the long run with the general voting public; our nation and the cultural/social institutions with it that have come to mold and define our cultural and social norms are much too individualistic and not collectivist enough to sustain such an ideology. The same can also be likewise said about various forms of populism and nationalism that also inhabit the left & far-left side of the spectrum. The United States of America just has never been one to harbor and allow politically radical ideologies to permeate to the dire point that it would bring about military coups or militarily effective uprisings against our governing institutions. However, even with this being the case; our American government is still on the verge of becoming an authoritarian, tyrannical one in a matter of time; all thanks to some radical, wealthy, and influential anti-liberty individuals of the past and present that were Machiavellian enough to hide their agendas from mainstream scrutiny and the law, gradually introducing such into government and various legislation over time, and now is beginning to bear horrible, Orwellian fruit.

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