Darcy Richardson: Vowing to Fight On, Reform Party Candidate Promises to ‘Restore Democracy’


By Darcy Richardson, UncoveredPolitics.com, September 6th, 2016:

ORLANDO — Fresh from a 61,000-vote showing in last week’s Democratic U.S. Senate primary in Florida, the colorful “Rocky” Roque De La Fuente has turned his attention to his fledgling third-party bid for the White House — a contest in which the determined political outsider hopes to find himself on the ballot in as many as twenty-five states in November.

“I understand that the odds of me winning the presidency are remote,” said the wealthy real estate developer in eagerly resuming his presidential candidacy late last week. “However,” he quickly added, “there is a crisis in our country that will continue to go unaddressed if someone doesn’t stand up and say something about it.”

De La Fuente’s words sort of reminds one of the late Eugene McCarthy, the low-key and modest poet-politician from Minnesota who famously risked his political career by courageously standing up alone in 1968 — and something remarkable happened.

Read the rest of the article at UncoveredPolitics.com. 

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