‘Better for America’ Gets On Ballot In NM; McMullin Denied In Wyoming

Image result for better for america

(via Richard Winger @ Ballot Access News)

On September 7, the New Mexico Secretary of State agreed to put Better for America on the ballot as a qualified party. Earlier the Secretary of State had determined that its petition did not have enough valid signatures. Better for America then sued, and the day before the court hearing, the Secretary of State settled the case and said the party will go on the ballot. It is extremely likely that Better for America will certify presidential elector candidates who are pledged to Evan McMullin.

On September 8, the Wyoming Secretary of State’s office determined that Evan McMullin’s independent presidential petition does not have enough valid signatures. He needed 3,302, and he submitted 5,500, but that was not enough. The Secretary of State’s office declined to say how many were valid.

Wyoming’s ballot will have six presidential candidates: Darrell Castle, Hillary Clinton, Rocky De La Fuente, Gary Johnson, Jill Stein, and Donald Trump.

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