Hillary Clinton ‘Medical Episode’ Video

I know this isn’t 3rd party related but this could absolutely affect 3rd parties.  This looks bad…  certainly worse than “What is Aleppo?” or spray painting a bulldozer…

One response to “Hillary Clinton ‘Medical Episode’ Video

  1. Thane Eichenauer

    If I was leaning towards voting for Hillary Clinton I would find this video to be disturbing. I wonder how many people will become aware of it. Scott Adams wrote that while mainstream news will continue to go through the motions that unless Donald Trump does something starkly out of character than he is running unopposed. I, being a Libertarian, would say that Hillary Clinton is now out of the running.

    It is clear to supporters of the Democratic Party religion that there is no objection they won’t ignore or excuse when it comes to their High Priestess Hillary Clinton. First she has to be man-handled into her van, now the excuse is that she had pneumonia.


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