Prohibition Party Ballot Access Map

The Prohibition Party, America’s oldest ‘third party’ is 147 years old.  They have had a Presidential ticket every 4 years since 1872.  They spoiled two Republican presidential tickets, forcing them to add Prohibition to the constitution in 1920, They had the first female mayor in America as well as the first female Vice Presidential candidate.  They are not just a single issue party, read their platform HERE.  They are pioneers of feminism & sobriety and champions of democracy in a two-party system.  Here is their current ballot access map:prohibition-party-ballot-access-2

3 responses to “Prohibition Party Ballot Access Map

  1. I imagine they’ll do the best they’ve done in awhile.


  2. I’m really hoping that the Prohibitionists have a banner year.


  3. They ran into such a series of bad luck this year too. Could’ve been on in New Jersey, Iowa, Tennessee & Louisiana if the breaks had gone their way.


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