3rd Party Candidates Receive Less Than 1% of Airtime


3rd party candidates Jill Stein, Green Party presidential candidate, and Gary Johnson, Libertarian Party presidential candidate haven’t been in the media as much as their Democratic and Republican counterparts.

According to the Blaze.com, they received less 1% of media coverage.

In order for them to garner more attention, consumers of the news will need to share, like, and vote for them in the Survey Monkey poll.

Johnson’s gaffe regarding Aleppo, the epicenter in Syria, has helped him land on other news-related programs.  He told viewers he didn’t know the name and then he proceeded to share his policies.

He’s not the only one making headlines recently; as Jill Stein has an arrest warrant along with her running mate for spray-painting a bull dozer in protest of the Dakota Access Pipeline.

With all of this new buzz surrounding their campaigns, this might help them get into the upcoming debates.



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