Johnson/Weld Team: ‘How YOU can directly assist and #letgarydebate!’

Gary Johnson for President 2016

From a mass email sent out by the Johnson/Weld campaign team…


The momentum is high, and now six major newspapers, including the Chicago Tribune, have fully endorsed Gary for President.  It has become most important that Johnson gets to the 15% supporters goal in five key surveys before the second debates! This is where you can help!

WIRED Magazine reports that 99% of American’s are no longer being represented in our polls anymore.  Currently age group 18-34 are barely being included, and Military not included at all.  However, these two groups are supporting Gary at 25% and 37% respectively.  Those numbers are not finding their way into the “official polls”.  We need to fix that.

Pick up the phone (ugh, I know!)

We know that taking surveys and getting stuck on the phone with telemarketers is not fun, but for Johnson/Weld 2016 it is do or die.  The Polls are now on both landlines AND mobile phones! When you see an unknown number on your CallerID or mobile phone screen, it is important to answer that call!  This is your chance to represent 50,000 Americans with one 5 min. call.

Additionally, be sure to talk to your friends and family about the importance of taking phone calls.  Even if they do not vote for Gary Johnson in November, picking him in these survey calls will ensure he makes it onto the debate stage.  This is what #letgarydebate is all about! Getting him on the stage, so a 3rd voice can be heard.

Taking Survey Call

When an unknown number appears on your phone, it is important to pick up, in case it is one of these surveys calling. When you do get a political poll:

  • Be sure to select Gary Johnson when asked to choose which person should be president
  • If you are only presented with only “Hillary or Trump” be sure to respond with “Gary Johnson”; if they do not accept that response, say “Neither”
  • Make sure to say you are “Definitely” going to vote on November 8th. (This makes you a Likely Voter, and affects Gary’s numbers greatly)
  • If NO QUESTIONS are asked about Gary Johnson be sure to listen for the polling organizations name at the end of survey and reply to this email.  This is to notify the campaign that he was not even mentioned in that poll.

That’s it!  5 min. out of your day to directly impact the outcome of the debate selection!

Robert Imhoff
Volunteer Director
Johnson/Weld Team

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