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Nevada Libertarian candidate: ‘Question 2 isn’t perfect, but a good first step’

 by David Colborne, LP candidate for Nevada State Senate, District 15

Last Friday, Assemblyman Wheeler wrote an editorial criticizing Question 2, the “Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol” initiative. In it, he argued that the measure was is not a “Nevada-inspired libertarian ‘live and let live’ campaign to legalize personal marijuana use. Instead, it’s a well-financed effort to legalize commercial marijuana and expand the marijuana market in Nevada to further enrich themselves.”

This is true.

However, a “Nevada-inspired libertarian ‘live and let live’ campaign to legalize personal marijuana use” isn’t what he’s interested in, either. As he himself pointed out, the Nevada gaming industry (well, one particular entrepreneur in the industry, the same one that wishes to put Nevada taxpayers on the hook for $750 million to build a stadium for the Oakland Raiders and has donated over $1 million in the past year to candidates across the state, including $5,000 to Jim Wheeler’s campaign this June despite him running unopposed) is categorically opposed to marijuana legalization, whether it’s a “live and let live” initiative or not. Asserting that the measure is insufficiently libertarian to vote for when, by his own admission, he believes we should vote against any legalization measure, is the textbook definition of arguing in bad faith…

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