Gary Johnson Lays Out a Sane, Coherent, Skeptical Foreign Policy

Gary Johnson

by Anthony L. Fisher,

Gary Johnson laid out a very coherent, sensible, and “skeptical”foreign policy in a speech last week at the University of Chicago. In it, the Libertarian presidential candidate presented a worldview that is stark contrast to both “smart power” in the form of non-stop interventionism favored by Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton or the incoherent thuggery of the pro-torture and “bomb the shit out of ISIS” policies put forth by Republican nominee Donald Trump.

Unfortunately, the speech got very little coverage by the political press, which seems less interested in covering Johnson’s actual foreign policy than it is in guffawing over his tough-to-watch “Aleppo” gaffe and other momentary brain farts of questionable significance.

Contrary to the view that libertarian foreign policy tilts toward “isolationism,” Johnson invoked Ronald Reagan’s maxim of “peace through strength,” and noted that he supported military intervention in Afghanistan after 9/11/01. But he expressed dismay that after deposing the Taliban and essentially chasing much of Al Qaeda out of the country, U.S. forces remain in Afghanistan 15 years later…

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